Falling into fall

The temps are starting to cool off here in New Hampshire, 40’s in the mornings and 70’s during the day. Give or take a few degrees either way and we are enjoying it. Jeans, hoodies and sweatpants without breaking a sweat are glorious!

Adventuring continues and we both have a few new hikes planned for the weekend and week ahead which is exciting. I’ve found a small, local trail with some waterfalls and swimming areas which is close to the house. We are even entertaining buying a house (if the right opportunity presents itself)—would rather pay a mortgage than rent! However the market is pretty tight up here so we shall see.

This week has also brought some sad news, not unexpected, however, it still packs a sting and a reminder: Memento Mori (Remember that you must die). I feel like a broken record sometimes, but life IS short, we are NOT promised tomorrow and we should grab each and every day by the horns and RIDE. Get the ice cream. Stay up a little later to enjoy a sunset or get up a little earlier to embrace the sunrise, or do both in the same day! Take the trip. Hug your people. Say I love you. Enjoy this life.

So, on that note. We are enjoying our time here—absolutely living our best lives—-there is an open invite to all who have never explored New England, and we are doing our best (not always well, but we are working on it) to be patient and see what God has in store for us in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Peace and enjoy some lovely waterfalls and overlooks!

It’s getting too cool for my taste, but these waterfalls are 8 minutes from our house and have multiple falls and pools to swim in!
Look at me learning how to work the long exposure…….
Is there such a thing as too many waterfall pictures? I don’t think so!
Will this ever get old? No. No, it will not.
Sunset, we are coming for you soon!
These dudes are also living their best lives!

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