What a year!

Welcome 2023. Bizarre isn’t it? 20 freaking 23!! dang. I’m old. and yet, what a gift to celebrate the advent of every new year.

But man. It has been a year. Lots of change. It’s been scary and awesome and chaotic and peaceful and sad and happy and uncertain and crystal clear clarity. All the things. All the feels.

I re-read my posts for the year and it’s hard to believe that a year ago I started on this travel journey, leaving my comfy career and stepping off into the unknown. And yet, here we are. A year later. doing the dang thing!

Who knows what lies ahead for 2023, one thing we know for certain: change. There will be change. Good and bad, horrible and wonderful, dark and light, scary and awesome, chaos and peace, sad and happy and uncertain and crystal clear clarity.

My wish is that we embrace it all. Take the risks and do the things. We don’t grow without pain, without change or without taking the step.

Peace and joy in 20 freaking 23!!

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