The winter here has been, let’s say…underwhelming. Now. Perhaps this is a bit premature, but meh. One big snowstorm and lots of RAIN. Rain melts snow. Also makes mud. Really gross. And not winter weather, more spring like. Anyway, plenty of winter left, so we will see what the next couple of months bring. It WAS flurrying this morning and the forecast shows lots of cold the next 10 days, so there is hope yet!

I worked a LOT in December and January is bringing more free time to visit with friends and play, which is nice after December.

The Hubs has been skiing as much as possible with the crapola weather and we were in the White Mountains for a few days to ski (him) and shop/chill (me) with friends and it was so beautifully WINTER! We had snow the first night which made for some beautiful scenery; it’s truly breathtaking in every definition of the word.

I have a little over a month more up here and then head home for my next contract. This not only satisfies my state residency for traveling but gives me time with my kids, family and friends. I’ll still travel back up a few times to spend time with the Hubs who will remain in New England with Bandit. The time apart will be harder for him but since I’ve started traveling for work, it’s fascinating how quickly 13 weeks goes by. A metaphor for life………so we will make the best of it and enjoy it!

Lake Sunapee from the ski lift (phot cred: Hubs)
A bluebird day for skiing at Cranmore—Hubs doing his thing
The White Mountains clothed in winter glory
Snow guns in full force at Loon—-when Mother Nature refuses to cooperate, the snow makers do their best to keep the mountains running
Sunset on the Kancamagus Highway—worthy of a stop every time!

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