Wintering part deux

My last post bemoaned our mild winter here in New Hampshire and it continues to be crazy weather in temp swings, snow, rain, etc. Just the pattern I suppose. Chalk it up to “global warming” or natural patterns in the weather, whichever camp you fall into. Either way, the reality is…….it’s winter and some days it isn’t except for the calendar date.

Yesterday, we had our first taste of an Arctic winter storm. For us, it brought low temps and windy winds. No snow. Just cold. I don’t mind cold, I despise wind. We’ve had arctic weather dip into Florida (we really have, stop laughing) and I now realize how hilarious that is. Fortunately, I’m on a 7-day stretch of work and spent yesterday in the hospital only venturing out to the car to/from work and a couple of doggy “business runs”. Invigorating is a great word for those brief forays.

I bought a coat this past spring for winter up here and so far it has been great, but mostly overkill. Yesterday, it proved it’s beastliness and strength in the negative temps and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to stay warm. My lightly clad ankles were the only cold part on me as I waited an agonizing few minutes for Bandit to finish up and head back in. He’s breaking records at how fast he can conclude a nature call, that’s for sure!

Land’s end for the win

This morning as I made the short trek to the garage to warm up the car before work, my nose hairs actually froze. The most bizarre feeling. Fascinating.

This afternoon, the arctic storm will pass and we will top out at about 8degrees with tomorrow a balmy 37. Later this week it will rain. Or snow. Who knows.

Either way. Wintering continues…….

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