Today is my last shift in New Hampshire (for now). 9 1/2 hours to go, but who’s counting? Hard to believe it’s been 6 months that we’ve been up here already. It feels as though time has flown by, but in other ways it feels as though we’ve been here forever.

This traveling gig has been interesting for sure and has allowed us to explore a dream, to live the dream and to plant a stake in it and establish ourselves in that dream. Wild. A wild, wild gift!

I’ll have a couple of days off and then head south to get ready for my next assignment (at home). This will be 13 weeks and allows me time with my kiddos, my mom, sis and other family and friends. I’ll also take care of doctor, dentist and tax appointments. Get it all done while I’m home. In between, I’ll work some visits back north to be with the Hubs (and Bandit). And like all time these days, it will go fast and in other ways it will seem to last forever. I’ll just do my best to soak it up!

Enjoy some pics from the last 6 months.

Peace! T

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