The glam travel life


My birthday month, Mother’s Day, summer is a-coming and only 15 days until the end of this assignment. But who’s counting?!

Me. That’s who.

It’s been a pretty sweet deal to be able to spend so much time with my kiddos, family and friends. And it has flown by (for me). I’ve been much busier with work and sleep than expected and these last 2 weeks will be no exception to the previous 11 weeks.

I did manage to sneak away to spend the weekend with the Hubby recently and we had a great time. I even confirmed my next assignment—-in Boston. And then came home in a chaotic whirlwind of travel challenges. My flight home was rescheduled and finally cancelled, had to grab a hotel room (and shared with a complete stranger/new friend) right before they sold out, delayed flight the next day and 2 more rescheduled shuttles home and made it home just in time to shower and grab my stuff for my overnight shift; sponsored by Wawa coffee, Diet Coke and lots of walks around the parking lot in between patients. Glamorous travel life.

That’s the way it goes sometimes tho. Just gotta laugh (so you don’t cry) and roll with it.

Flight crew + no gate crew = add’l 45 min on the ground. LOL

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