The in-between

So what have I been doing while I’ve been in FL these past couple of months in between work and sleep?(that Night Shift life!)

I caught a night launch

Took our son and his girlfriend to Main Street during Bike Week for some people watching. Always an interesting cross- section of humanity. But fun in small doses—-like every 5 years or so! We even saw “Willy Wonka”.

Bike week has ALL the characters!

Walked the beach, the bridge and the roads in between. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or kids.

Over the river to the beach!

Spent time with friends and family. Sleepovers with my mom. Mass with my grandfather. Dinners and lunches with my kids. Girls nights catching up with friends and visits back and forth with the Hubs.

In between shifts and sleep I food prepped for the kids, made vegan donuts (so good!) and learned how to make a pretty delicious hummus.

Leaving will be bittersweet. I’m ready to spend time in between shifts with my Hubby and pup. Our kids are in a good place and ready to carry-on adulting without mom hovering. (Although, I’ll still be offering them up in all my Rosaries and Masses, they’ll be in good hands).

And in between visits, you can find us exploring the mountains and catching sunsets. (minus the snow!)

So for now, these last few days will catch me cramming in as much visiting and quality time with my people as possible before I get on that plane and head north for a 2nd year in New England!!!


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