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Friday=Spring Break, Day1

Spring Break for my kiddos, not me.  Not their teachers, as they post grades for the 3rd Nine weeks which means……folks, we are moving into the home stretch of the year.  HOLY!  COW!!  As once again, I scratch my head in wonder and confusion at how time DOES that!!!  And, so I’ll wrap up my week with Jen @ Conversion Diary and other people from around the globe as they wrap up THEIR week, too!  Happy Weekend!!

1.  Time change week.  I think…..just as we are adjusting to the time change we now go into Spring Break and will have a second transition week AFTER the break.  <sigh>  Well, at least I am off for  a few days and can enjoy a little sleep-in  here and there as well!

2.  I took our oldest to his HIGH SCHOOL REGISTRATION this week.  Again with the time clock.  OY!!!  He’s all signed up for classes.  Happy with his electives.  Relieved he gets a second chance at Algebra 1.  Looking forward to high school.  And I am just dazed wondering where my boy went who  was all about dump trucks, mud in the yard, tree climbing and Rescue Heroes.  <sniff>

3.  Bike Week 2012 is in full swing here.  LOUD. Congested.  Crazy sights.  Hope to get some pictures this weekend and share some of the zaniness that comes to us twice a year.  We try to lay low and stay out of the traffic though, so maybe we’ll just hit the beach instead…..

4.  Great gym time this week.  2 HARD days of strength training and lots of cardio.  Heading into spring in a good mindset.  Week 11 and still going strong.  Can’t say the same for the rest of the gym as it’s gotten much less congested the past few weeks as New Year’s Resolutions peter out. (which is GREAT for me on my lunch break!)

5.  Along with fixing the washer and sink sprayer, Hubby has also fixed the gate where out little Caramel the Cat likes to make a break for it and indulge his stray cat roots.  Dirty little stay-out.  He always comes home though.  Now, it appears he is relegated to the backyard and chasing lizards.  So long as no one shows him how to jump the fence we’ll be good.  For some reason, he hasn’t figured that out yet and I like it like that.  Hubby was rewarded with homemade chocolate chip cookies last night for all his efforts.

6.  Swapped out winter clothes for spring clothes and are taking stock of spring/summer needs.  WHAT am I feeding these children?????  My baby appears to be leaving the 7/8’s behind and entering the 10’s.  And my oldest daughter and I can almost share shoes.  WTH?!?!?!??  She’s 10.  Our boys are 5’8″ and 5’10” @ 12 and 14.  We may need to trade the cat for a cow and dig up the yard for an organic garden or just stop feeding them.  For now, I am just singing the praises of Aldi and Hubby is getting in tight with the Produce stand people…..

7.  Three days off next week.  Thank goodness.  I need a break.  Work is crazy.  I am getting burnt out.  Am having a hard time compartmentalizing patients and their illnesses/diagnoses lately since I  have had far too much bad/sad news lately:   a)my daughter’s 8 yo friend diagnosed with a tumor in her chest and surgery this week to remove it (still waiting to hear how she’s doing), b)my girlfriend’s 30yo daughter diagnosed with a (so far) benign brain tumor to be removed Tuesday with a risky and complex surgery and c)another friend with a recurrence of ovarian cancer cells and will re-start chemo in a week.  UGH.  UGH.  UGH.  Why is life so hard sometimes?  A reminder to embrace each day and to let the petty stuff slide and remember what is truly important and that God has it all under control far better than we EVER could imagine.

God Bless and Happy Weekend!!