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Completely and totally M.I.A.

When your son feeds your Macbook a chocolate protein smoothie it turns out it’s not so good for the laptop.  or the chair.  or the carpet.  but the wall cleans up nicely.   I’ve not yet purchased another laptop, although Hubby has offered up his for the evenings and/or weekends.  Until now, I’ve not taken him up on it mainly because my blogging urge doesn’t always hit during those times and the desktop has been working fine for my computer needs.  ish.  I can pay bills. Print documents.  Upload pics.  Blog occasionally.  But…..it’s just.  meh.  Not so great for blogging.  I can’t get cozy on that damn exercise ball or desk chair like I can in my big comfy chair.  My phone suffices for my Facebook stalking and Insta fixes, but I’ve never, EVER, EVER really EVER loved typing/texting on the phone.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do.  But.  So. Tiny.  Therefore, I get lazy and keep it to the bare minimum necessary.

Short story long, I think I might actually be ready for a laptop again.  Of my own.  The budget doesn’t support another Macbook.  So I’m tossing around the idea of a tablet versus a laptop.  Mainly for pics, blogs and surfing.  Down the road, maybe some “Word” business, but pretty basic.  Then maybe I’ll get back to blogging.  A little bit.

So, bloggers….and anyone else interested….what do you use??

Now….I think Imma gonna pre-blog.  Or catch up on twitter.  Or Bloglovin’.   So many choices!!!