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Purging and room to breathe!!

No worries, I’m not referring to bulimia here.  I’ve been dragging out Spring Cleaning here over the last month or so and yesterday we finally got to the girls’ room.  Including garage since their room is the smallest there is overflow in the garage.

We started in the garage.  Donate pile.  Evaluate pile.  Keep pile.  Trash.  I prefer to tackle these things solo, I have my own method.  However, Hubby was home and SO EXCITED I was finally ready to clean it out and the girls were home, too.  Once we got through the garage stuff, we were hitting our stride and the girls were THRILLED to have their room back.

I am a nostalgic person by nature and I have to say, although I like things tidy and in their place I struggle with purging.However, I am ALWAYS thrilled in the end and that motivates me.

Nice, huh?  It’s the only way I can do it.  Just get it all in one spot and go through it piece by painful piece.  It’s amazing what you come across this way.

Until we get the time, money and EXACT idea of what we want to build in the girls’ closet, this is FAR more manageable.  If they only keep it this clean…..

And they love their reading area, complete with their personal boards.  (We made those a few months ago and as you can see ONE of my sweeties has lots to save…the other is more discerning!)