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Snapshot on a Sunday

And so this weekend, I am joining Cari @ Clan Donaldson for her monthly day of snapshots.  Contributors from around the world submit photos based on given hour and Cari puts them all together.  She’s pretty fast so you might want to check in tomorrow or Tuesday and see the final project put together.  Here’s my contribution:

IMG_3588This is between 8 and 9 a.m.  It’s actually about 10 minute before 2/3rds of us leave for Mass to get our French horn player there on time to warm up.  The other 1/3 come later.  There’s a little diva at the table enjoying a leisurely breakfast after her shower, one tweeny girl ready to go playing Minecraft and a teenager (who comes later with Dad) eating an apple, part 2 of breakfast).

Thanks, Cari…looking forward to seeing the whole shebang!