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Fall.  Definitely a favorite season!!!

Fall. Definitely a favorite season!!!

Friday is my favorite day of the week and since it’s Thursday night, I’m pretty pumped.  And then I’m off to bed.  This whole working out at 5 ish a.m. is a bit of an adjustment.  Big change from 6 a.m.  And even bigger on Tues and Thurs when I get up at 430 a.m.  for the 515a.m. spin class.  Listen, if I have to be up before 5, I’m having some coffee by gosh.  And a big cup.  

So, I’m just taking a deep breath because tomorrow night is the Girl Scout mall lock-in.  Perfect, right?  A bunch of tweeny girls overnight.  In a mall.  With a DJ. And crafts.  And snacks.  Oh. And shopping.   That requires a drop off of approximately 9:30 p.m. and a pick up of roughly 5-6 a.m.  OUCH.  girlfriend will be sleeping in and clearly not going to watch little sister cheer at her football game Saturday morning.  Saturday vigil Mass for our crew it will be because……

Sunday?  Well, cheer competition.  All.  Flippin’.  Day.  And somewhere along the way, I must have been nostalgic for volunteering and raised my hand.  Yup.  Sure did.  Idiot.  So, my foolish self will be at the civic center at 615 a.m. and we should finish up about, oh, say 5 ish.  As in p.m.  I will be in bed asleep on Sunday night about 7.  Call and I will delete you from my contacts.  Kidding.  Sort of.

So much cuteness.  I die.

So much cuteness. I die.

However, it’s all for a season.  And this one is coming to a close.  Unless of course the girls win and then we go on to regionals.  Now if it’s set up like last year…..almost everyone wins.  Ridiculous.  I should forward Susie Lubell’s article on how Israeli children are rewarded with mediocrity….they’re not.  Brilliant.  Funny, seems it used to be that way.  Now it’s just not politically correct for someone to lose.  Weird, huh?  I know.  I can’t understand why we have a generation of “entitled to it all” youth either.  CrazAY!!

Enjoy your weekend, clearly I’m on a rambling-tangent and need to get off this laptop and go to bed!  G’Night!!

Just put one foot in front of the other...

Just put one foot in front of the other…