12.5 hours to Mommy’s weekend away…

— 1 —

My annual “Girl’s Weekend in St. Augustine” is upon us.  Generally taken in November (to do some Christmas shopping at the outlet malls), this year we moved it to January for some post holiday relaxation time.  Always a restful and fun time and this year is dad’s solo weekend with the kiddos.  Though I like to think MY way is BEST, I know he will do great and the kids will have way more fun with him than they do with me.  And after last night’s dinner debacle, he certainly can’t do any worse than me on the food end of things…

— 2 —

Speaking of dinner last night……I was inspired by my girlfriend’s crock pot dinner of ham, rice, cheese soup, broccoli.  It sounded so good, and we’ve really been using the crock pot like crazy these past few months, so I made my own version with chicken and brown rice, added in the broccoli and cauliflower and let it go.  Well.  At lunch I came home and OH.  MY.  GOODNESS.  The smell in the house was horrible.  I took the broccoli and most of the cauliflower out and covered it and returned to work.  Sadly, the fatal mistake was made.  Do NOT.  I repeat.  Do NOT cook broccoli and cauliflower in a crock pot ALL DAY.  Apparently they are a quick cook veggie and putting them in the crock pot not only forces you to open windows and light candles, it also brings you to Plan B:  pancakes and eggs.   I guess we all have a cooking faux pas from time to time, right?  RIGHT?

— 3 —

Exercising is going well this week.  Have gotten in a few walks. A few times at the gym followed by soreness in all the right places.  Week 3.  I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with myself.  I usually lose steam by Week 2.

— 4 —

Writing down my food this week is my newest addition to a healthier lifestyle change.  Something about putting it on paper.  In blue and white to see just what went in my mouth.  It becomes obvious.  The exercise thing I got (mostly).  It’s the mouth that needs attention.  Darn you cookies and cake and  your deliciousness.  It’s good to see where my challenges are and WHEN my challenges are and being prepared for them, adding more protein, fruits and veggies is really helping.  Still plenty of work to be done, but having it right in front of me, WOW!  (I won’t be logging this weekend……..but I will be walking!)

— 5 —

Adding in a great new blog for some quiet time reflections HERE and re-attempting Scott Hahn’s book, “The Lamb’s Supper” are great additions to my quiet time and breaking my spiritual rut.  I feel like I’m in a better place to read his book, hopefully less distracted and ready to focus.

— 6 —

Caramel the sweet little girl kitty who adopted us was spayed this week and lo and behold…..she…is a he.  Who has already been neutered.  Much to the vet’s surprise who had to OPEN HIM UP before they figured it out.  I’m still hot about that one.  OK, he’s a furry cat, but UM…isn’t that your JOB to make sure BEFORE you open up?!?!  Anyway….little boy has his shots and seems a little less PO’d at us.  Unless his purring at my head @ 1:30 in the morning is really a passive-aggressive cat move..I don’t know.  Still figuring out this whole “Cat thing”….he sure is a cutey-pie though!

— 7 —

Have been totally and utterly sucked into Downtown Abbey.  For someone who really doesn’t watch TV..(well nothing I would qualify as quality TV anyway…).  I was wondering WHERE I’ve been to have missed this gem and now I am THRILLED that I have an entire Series ahead of me with a new one just starting.  Even my youngest will watch it with me AND so will hubby…and that says a lot when you have something for everyone!  This whole kicking the cable habit is working out quite nicely, I must admit….

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