My laptop died…..ARGHHHHH!!!

It happened one morning.  I got my coffee and settled in with my “precious” for my morning ritual (Daily Readings, News sites, emails and blog catch ups) and……… it  never got past the white screen, merely the bitten apple and a circle of so-called-loading mocking me.  I tried all the usual, shut down again, bring up and repeat about 40 times before I realized it just wasn’t going to happen.  Paralysis set in and then Hubby reminded me I have an ACTUAL Bible for my Readings AND  a book I’ve been reading by Scott Hahn, “The Lamb’s Supper” and plenty of people to pray for to fill my morning quiet time with.    At least I think that’s what he said.  It’s a little fuzzy.

Day 2.  No progress, even after our son tried all the tricks he could YouTube and Google.  Hubby consoled me as I pitifully admitted, “I am SO lost without my laptop.  It’s ridiculous, really.  I know.”  He hugged me through his chuckling and patted my head and promised to take it to the apple store to get looked at by the Genius bar peeps.  (since it’s right by his office)  Heyyyyy, things were looking a little brighter, I mean they don’t call them “Genius” for nothing!!!

One week, one new hard drive , a trip to the Geek Squad @ Best Buy and we are still “in the process” of reformatting and getting everything back up and running.  Time will tell.  In the meantime….Flippin’ computers….who needs ’em?  I DO!!!!!!    That’s who…

In all actuality, my computer time isn’t THAT much in my eyes (although, Hubby would likely disagree);  30 -45  minutes in the morning and a total of 15-30 minutes at night.  It’s MY downtime, though.  MY quiet time.  Maybe MY stronghold…one of many…trust me.  Either way,  it’s bizarro to come to this realization.   It’ s my crutch.  And it’s not even warm and fuzzy.

So, my blog is neglected because it’s just SO inconvenient to sit in the desk chair AT the computer hutch on the PC (gasp..yes we have a PC and a mac) which is also in declining  health these days…but as a result, I have been reading more, walking more, TALKING with the family more.  Because I’m not the ONLY one on my mac and it’s an interesting glimpse into life with WAY limited computer time and I am pleased to announce, that I truly do LOVE my family!  Especially when I can focus on them with limited distractions. 

How about you?  How much time do you spend on your computer and what would you fill your time with if you lost  your computer?

**This blog was printed with no pictures because my favorite photo program is on my laptop and I refuse to reacclimate to a NEW program on another computer unless I absolutely. have. to.  So….use your imagination! 

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