What I wore Sunday (but not to Mass)…



A nursemaid’s outfit.  Consisting of sneakers, running shorts (also good for walking) and a Tshirt…no makeup, no jewelry…bare bones, baby.

This Sunday, the FIRST day of Advent, we missed Mass.  URHG!!!  We decided to quarantine ourselves and for that I am certain we earned a few brownie points for not subjecting the entire congregation to 1) probable flu with DS#2 and 2) bronchitis with DD#1.  Good times, I tell you….good times.  Don’t hate.  It’s Advent.

And so, after spending $70 at the Pediatric After Hours clinic, I then dropped a Benjamin @ Publix on a Zpack and high quality prescription strength cough syrup/gold. Hoping to be reimbursed for crying out loud.  crying.  crying.  crying.

At this point we decided Mass was most definitely NOT happening and we would rally the healthy-ish people and commence with the Christmas decorating….post to follow once I get the pics up..

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it and you should join me in heading on over to Fine Linen and Purple and check out some REAL fashion!  Blessings!!

8 thoughts on “What I wore Sunday (but not to Mass)…

  1. Rae

    Ugh, not a fun way to start Advent! I hope that your family gets well quickly and that you are able to have a peaceful time preparing for Christmas.


    1. tracye1 Post author

      Thanks, this too, shall pass. Today was actually nice, in spite of our sickies and the house looks FANTASTIC! Pics to follow in the next day or so 😉



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