Stick a fork in me…it’s Friday

Joining up for the Friday regular linky loo @ Conversion Diary with Jennifer Fulwiler and people, who BTW, has a reality show premiering on December 13, you can click HERE to get all the deets!  Without further adieu…let me make the attempt here:

The view on our counter this week.  Good times, people, good times!

The view on our counter this week. Good times, people, good times!

  1. Fell STRAIGHT asleep last night and woke up @ 12:30a.m. to two cats fighting.  OUR cat and some other cat (who I’m certain started it….)..anyway, jumped out of bed and took care of it, but then…the dang cat had POO on his butt.  I wasn’t messing with that so I left him outside to fend for himself and went back to bed.
  2. Tossing and turning with adrenaline pumping our 13yo son had a dream/something and was talking LOUDLY in his sleep.  Jumped up and dealt with that and then back to bed.  To toss and turn some mo’…I see lots o’ caffeine in my future today.  Lots.
  3. At least I exercised this week.  Not yesterday, but all week-long.  Gotta balance the Christmas baking…..or at least keep it at bay, you feel me??
  4. Our daughter’s bronchitis appears to be gone. Thank you $100 worth of Zpack and Brom cough meds.
  5. 3 Days of staying at home and down about 5 pounds, but our 13 yo son seems to have kicked his flu bug.
  6. On Day 3 of flu, he rallied long enough to make his 5:40p.m. appointment to audition for All-county band.  He’s really quite competitive
  7. He made All-County band.  French horn, 4th chair.  Pretty proud mama and papa, considering we have ZERO musical ability and the kiddo has only been playing a year.  Yep.  he’s the bomb.
  8. French horn...bring it!

    French horn…bring it!

Happy week y’all.  I’m off to find more coffee!!!  STAT!!

1 thought on “Stick a fork in me…it’s Friday

  1. Tammi

    I am so proud of Brendan, he has really found his thing! Love that kid. Give him big hugs and kisses from Titi! xoxo Love you all!



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