A week in Review: 7 QT style

Had some time in the shade this morning so I jotted down some thoughts for this week’s Quick Takes with Jen over @ Conversion Diary…I’ll certainly clock in at the bottom of the heap around #75,897,430, but, HEY!  It’s a post, right?

  1. Top crisis of the week (aside from Hubby’s crazy busy work week and my just crazy regular week), my gym.  Best workout I’ve ever had.  Love them so much I put a humongous sticker advertising for them on the back of my truck.  They are cancelling the 6 am class, which leaves me with evening classes.  I’m not a happy camper.  I’ve stomped my feet and protested and they assure me it’s  a”trial period” while they are trying new things.  I’ll give it a month, but I can tell you right now, evening classes don’t work for me long-term.  They just don’t.
  2. Facebook.  I’m back on.  Sort of.  Only on the laptop, not on my phone.  Mainly just to keep in touch with my friends and keep up with a few businesses.  I only checked it about three times this week.  Still need to go in and streamline a few things, eventually.  A good compromise I think.
  3. Our kids are sliding into a cleaner eating lifestyle, of their own accord.  Which is great.  And expensive.  On the upside, with less crap in the house Mama is doing better as well.  Win-win, I guess?
  4. I’ve been reading Into the Wild” by John Krakauer;   a book I snatched off Anne’s reading list @ Modern Mrs. Darcy.  It’s given me a lot of interesting perspective on a character trait that I do NOT have:  Adventure!  Fascinating insight into a tragic story and at the same time a tremendous respect for those who follow their passions/obsessions rather than live a life of “what if” and regret.   I’m almost done, but I can honestly say I highly recommend this book, if nothing else it gives quite the cross-section of American people during Chris/Alex’s journey as well as a view from those who follow their heart regardless of what anyone says.
  5. Downloaded ESPN College Football App.  I love to follow the scores and rankings of college football and I don’t always get to watch, so Yay!!  Super excited!!  Go Noles!!
  6. Date night tonight.  It’s been a week y’all and I’m absolutely looking forward to it.
  7. This weekend’s highlights at Casa E include a Pop Warner football game (over now…we won, but I’m certain I sweated a ridiculous amount of weight off), A 14yo birthday celebration of subs for dinner and homemade cheesecake, chinch bug killer applied to our lawn (creeping over via the neighbor…), Mass, exercise, and somewhere along the way, relaxation, gratitude and joy.

Go enjoy yours!

1 thought on “A week in Review: 7 QT style

  1. augaline@comcast.net

    T, I always read your blogs, but I cannot comment because it wants me to sign in, which I can’t! Just wanted you to know that they are very informative and entertaining!! 🙂 Miss our walks so so so soooooo much!! G

    B. Gale Neal Ph.D. Candidate Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies College of Education Florida State University



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