iOs7 & 7QTs

Friday is my favorite day of the week and also a day to recap and join in with Jen and Crew to see how everyone’s week has been going.    With this week’s iOs7 update, I thought I’d share a few observations of my 24 hours with it thus far.  By far, NO exhaustive tutorial, just some mere observations as I continue to navigate the changes and have my children school

  1. As with the iOs6 update, the update took quite some time to download.  For me it took over an hour (I can’t give you an exact time because I had to leave my precious to go to an open house and went…..GASP…….with NO phone!).  The hour download does NOT count the time it took to back up my phone first and then remove 1.8g of space to allow the download–a frustrating event in itself.
  2. White.  Holy cow.  There is a LOT of white.  Backgrounds that is.  White background in the texting section.  White background in the notes section.  I’m going to have to lower my brightness, it’s a little distracting.
  3. New font.  Sans serif, I believe?  Automatically put in a password protect to get in.  (of course, you can remove it in settings, but I’ve been meaning to do that for awhile….so, eh, nod to the procrastinators).
  4. When I opened the weather section for the first time I saw this:
    Zero info.

    Zero info.  However, in full disclosure, it did load in time and gave the usual info along with an active background of moving clouds or rain…depending on the weather in that area.


  5. This little trick via my 16 yo son:  instead of sliding the bar to the left to wake the phone up, touch the middle of the bar and slide UP.  You get this fancy schmancy screen to adjust all kinds of stuff AND…..there is a flashlight already downloaded.  I actually use
  6. The camera features are new:  there is a panoramic option, square option, (regular and video also still available) AND some fun little edits AS YOU TAKE THE PICS.  Fun.  Especially if you are a Instagram lovin’, photo documentin’ mom like me.
  7. New ring tones and sounds.  Good to know because you may not recognize your phone ring the first time your phone rings and wonder where that noise is coming from and who’s phone it is.  Maybe.

That’s all for now.  Can’t say I full on LOVE it.  I’m getting used to it.  But here is one last bonus….when you hit the home button twice to close out apps, just tap on the app and slide up.  Poof.  Off.  Just like that.

Now go and enjoy your weekend!!

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