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40 and FABULOUS!!!

Today is my little sister’s 40th birthday!!!  Sounds “Old”.  My kids tell us it’s “Old”.  I’m pretty sure we are still the same two goofballs laughing over Brady Bunch and Peter’s “Pork shops and applesawce...”.  Neither of us can make or eat that dish without saying it just like Peter!  That’s swell!!

Here’s a few pics of my sis growing up!

What a little cutie!!!

She always did love animals.  Still does.  They have a revolving door of pets now!

Man.  Look how long our hair WAS!!!  Sis is on the right 🙂


Visiting me at my apartment Halloween in the 90’s….

Graduating high school!  Phew!  LOL!

All grown up!  Hot mama in her short hair, black dress.  She’s an awesome mama of 2 sweet boys.  Paralegal.  Definitely the fun aunt and the awesome sister!!

Happy birthday, Tam!  We love you!!!