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Taste of Tuesday

Day 3 of the marathon that is 7 days in a row of blogging with the masses……

Having missed my spin class (on purpose) to enjoy some sleep due to going to bed too late on Monday night…details, details…..I packed my gym bag for a lunch time workout.  Woot.  Woot.  Then work happened.  Schedule, schmedule…c’mon in when you want, people and bring some friends.  And so lunch went RIGHT out the window along with my gym bag.  Good new is, it’s packed for today!  #winning  #tryagaintoday

My thoughts have been on Lent and preparation in hopes of getting the most out of Lent and suddenly I realized that the aspirations I was leaning toward were quickly becoming full-time job numero dos and was shaping up to be the big Lenten #fail, so I am now re-evaluating.  I know I’m not alone here, we do this during Advent, Lent, life.  Overthink.  Overplan.  Think beyond reality and leave little room for life and then end up all disappointed and angry and resentful.  So THIS Lent is going to be simple.  Thoughtful.  Prayerful.  Mindful.  The details are still being worked out, but I am embracing KISS…you know Keeping it Simple, Silly.

What are your Lenten plans?

Blog everyday in May…..

A few years ago, my good friend Lea started a blog challenge of “Blog-everyday-in-May”.  It was a good exercise for me in regular blogging.  She’s crazy busy now with a houseful of teenagers and I doubt she’ll participate this year–boo hoo!–but I will encourage her anyway.

Of course, in this neck of the woods, one MUST be crazy to make MAY the blog-every-day month since school is wrapping up and you know that ALWAYS comes with a whirlwind of activities and brain scrambling, but hey…why not?

So, the deal is….anyone can join, just send me your blog in the comment section and I’ll figure out some way to “link” or include each blog daily for participating peeps, and since it’s international I can include it the next day if you miss it when I post.  You can either blog or put up a photo of the day or combo of the two.  Some days it’s all I can do to log on, so you may see more photos and “wordless” days from me!

Blog on peeps!

**photo cred:  Mag Huybreghs, May 2008 ©