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What I wore Sunday…Take 2

Fashion Sunday with Fine Linen and Purple.  It was so much fun last week, I thought I’d do it again!!  I don’t know how many I’ll do because my Sunday outfits are generally same-same, maybe mix it up; then repeat cycle again, it’s all new here, right?  I also managed to get my 9 year old to take my full photo….1/6, not too bad-ish.

I am a Poser. Shirt Apt. 9 @ Kohl’s.  Years ago…my “basic” white shirt, but I LOVE the criss cross, gather.  No fun to iron…but love the look!

Lined skirt (still needs a slip). Chaps by Ralph Lauren…on super clearance @ Koh’s YEARS ago…..I think like $7….

Shoes. Unisa. @ Parisian??  So old I can’t remember…emphasis on the (blurry) heel which Hubby just took to the cobbler and had a new one put on…JOY!!!

Earrings. Gift from Hubby. Local jeweler. My everyday faves.

Necklace. A gift from the kids years ago. Super fun. Lost one of the earrings 😦

Another Lia Sophia…love this ring, wear it every chance I get!!

Cross bracelet a gift from a girlfriend years ago…..So fun. I feel all jingly when I wear this. And trendy.

boy driving home from church. Great job, BTW….Volcom shirt…score @ church thrift store $1 and Old Navy khaki shorts off Ebay…$10….