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In our neck of the woods we have a supermoon to see tonight and apparently it is going to be so big and bright and awesome that it will prevent us from seeing the meteor shower at its peak.  (Check it out HERE for the astronomy side of the of the deal).  Last night, the moon was pretty bright, even hidden behind those clouds above.  Cool for moon gazing but a little disruptive to the sleep pattern (it’s like your neighbors have their motion detector lights stuck in the “on” position and aimed at your windows all night).  I’ll have to get up a little early and see about the meteors; I’ve seen several when I used to walk in the early morning hours–it made it completely worthwhile to be up that early!!  Either way, the tides will be higher than usual at the beach this weekend and Hubby is excited about learning to surf on Sunday when the “surf is up”.  Dude.  Happy weekend!

And we have a few more players for our “blog-every-day-in-May” challenge.  Check ’em out!  (Comment your blog if you want to join in)