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The house that God bought

Little Miss Grace is doing a link up on our favorite blog posts…a throwback Thursday…except it’s a Wednesday…she’s crazy like that.  I posted a throw back post earlier today on marriage, being all reminiscent with our recent anniversary and all and when Grace threw out the call I immediately remembered the following post and figured I’d share, because we ALL need some God moments in our lives and tangible moments are just that extra icing on the cake–and I DO love cake!!  Hope you enjoy…and then you can take yourself over to Grace’s place and read about other favorite and assorted blog post faves!  It’s a rainy evening here and I’m all settled in for some blog reading on my end…enjoy yours as well! 

TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2009

It is still sinking in and I am quite certain there will be a post or two to follow in regards to THE HOUSE…..here’s the quick version: 

6 weeks ago I got a nudge with several affirmations that it might be time to buy our own house.  It all seemed completely preposterous to me and far beyond my means, so I gave it up to God.  Literally and figuratively.  I have told the kids many times, we will go where God wants us to go, when He wants us to go and we will know when. 

During our marriage, generally, I have picked out homes, Hubby tagged along and agreed, as a good husband does, and then he took care of everything else, I showed up to sign at closing without a clue of all that took place prior to closing.  To do this without him here was a tremendously daunting task.  Suffocating and overwhelming.   We spoke frequently and he guided me along the way and with the help of good friends, I had outside information and quick access when I had questions. My parents offered unending support and love.

When anxiety hit, I let go and God took over.  It was smooth sailing all the way.  Ridiculously smooth.  Thanks be to God, for I am certain without Him none of this would be possible!  Now….that said, I DID wake up at 3 a.m. today in a cold sweat thinking “what the heck did I just do????” and spent the next hour in prayer to release the anxiety.  And again all the way to closing.  Those prayers sustained me throughout the 3 hour closing while the 7 of us swapped various stories to kill time while waiting on the bank to see how long they could drag it out. 

In the end….I have a multitude of keys on my key chain, 2 garage door openers, ecstatic children and a beautiful neighborhood with the promise of our next amazing chapter!


                                                                                          Home Sweet Home!!dsc_0012


                                                                                    Love this sweet center islanddsc_00081

                                                                       Fabulous back yard AND swing set to play ondsc_0009

                                                                                                      Back patio


                      This mural is in the kitchen, I just love it.  Reminds me of my favorite movie, “Under the Tuscan Sun”dsc_0013


                                                                         Jasmine around the mailbox….heavenly! 

***4 years later…update:  It’s still a great neighborhood.  We’ve had friends and family stop by, stay over, come for dinner, birthdays, holidays and just to hang out.  There have been countless maintenance/upgrades in closets, bathrooms, and various other thingamabobs inside the house and in regards to the pictures I’ve put up with this blog: we’ve repainted the house and trim, the front island got a makeover with stones replacing the wood “curbing”, the swing set hit the curb about 3 years ago, the magnolia tree next to the swing set was cut down due to disease and replaced with an elm in the front yard, the back porch received a super cute makeover (I really need to Pinterest it at some point….), I still love the mural in the kitchen and the jasmine faithfully blooms every spring.  God has been gracious and generous and continues to guide us and protect us every step of the way and this house that we call home….is a daily reminder of the fact that God IS good.  

I hate moving…..

Apple you confound me.  It’s a love/hate thing.  Really.  So easy to work with, such pleasant employees, intoxicating stores; I sing your praises often. (although, I have lots to learn and my Hubby does not share my love of Apple products necessarily, especially when he asks me how to do something on my laptop and I say “yeah, I don’t know….google it.”), anyway….really I love Apple.  However, right now they are my “S List”.  That’s right.  The Sucko List.

They are discontinuing their iWeb service (and a few other things that I don’t really use….) and that caused me to have to uproot my prior blog to new and less precarious pastures.  The problem is….unlike many of their other services, they didn’t really have a super clear and/or EASY way to move the iWeb blogs to other services.  I could use a big red Staples button here.  Really.  Not kidding.

easy it ain’t!!

Last summer I started looking around for other blog homes and decided on an unnamed site that could move my blog easy sneezy, had pretty good directions (even for me), however, I ended up calling IT support and between the two of us they could NOT move my blog.  Something in the version of my laptop or the iWeb I have is hindering progress, so I came up with a big fat ZERO!!  Very frustrating.  In the meantime, I decided to cease and desist any further bloggage on the iWeb and I moved to WordPress with my new blog (which, incidentally is working for me so far) and deal with the move later.  Much later.

In my infamous procrastinator-fashion, I have truly waited until the bitter end to move that B.  I currently have 7 6 days to move a little over 2 years and 3 months.  I’ve moved 9 months of blogging in the past 3 days.  It’s a cut and paste nightmare.  Screenshots for pics that aren’t crossing over on the cut and paste.  I’m a little fried.  Wondering if I’ll actually get it done.  The worst part is….my hard drive crashed a few months ago and guess what didn’t get backed up….yep. iWeb.  the bane of my existence right now.  So, I don’t even have the blog on my harddrive to just pick and pull when I feel like it.  Which is probably best.  Because in all reality, under pressure is my best work and I will get it done.  Under pressure, I turn into a focused Type-A person.  Once crisis averted, I’m back to my laid back procrastinating self.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Either way.  You might not see much blogging on my end for a few days.  I guess it’s good we are getting a lot of rain today, I know what I’ll be doing.  And at least for the next 7 days in between.  After that…I must say…I fully plan on recycling some of my old posts.  There was some good stuff in there.  I’ll keep my second WP site private, it’s very personal and emotional (in fact, I am working diligently on NOT getting sidetracked re-reading old posts….it’s HARD!!), but I will recycle and update them to share with you as I pour over them.  My heart will be on my sleeve, but WOW was God working over-time in my life those 3 years–He still is now, but when you look back you can see His presence so vividly.  It.  Is.  AWE-some!

Well, time for coffee #2 and a little breakfast before Mass!  C ya!