Heading into Holy week….almost!

— 1 —

One week until Good Friday.  WOW!  I wish I had more “spiritual growth” to report for Lent, but honestly, the biggest changes have come this past week.  Which is the hope anyway, right?  That WE do grow closer to Christ during this solemn time.  I guess my expectations are always bigger than reality, maybe I’m waiting for my own personal “burning bush” moment and need to recognize the smaller daily miracles.  What can I say?  I am a work in progress, let’s hope it’s forward motion though.

— 2 —

We received a sweet Easter “basket” yesterday from my Mom.  The kids LOVED it!! (thanks, Mom) and I promptly put up my Easter dish towels which reminded me I have a cabinet full of Easter decorations that I need to put up, as well as get the kiddos baskets taken care of this week.  I still can’t believe Easter is almost here.  Wow!

— 3 —

Three good workouts in this week.  Two with my girlfriend and one by myself.  Even ventured into the “man area”…you know where the men hog the equipment.  Yep.  I owned it.  Sauntered over like I knew what I was doing (well, I actually did know what I was doing).  Today I pay the price.  But it’s good.  I like my muscles to speak to me.  And it’s a great feeling to have my clothes looser on me.  And for some fun you can check out this blog of all the people you see in the gym, or this blog (my new favorite for motivation) for great fitness tips and inspiration….

— 4 —

Sadly, I had a knee issue this week.  So frustrating.  After almost 18 months of fabulousness, I had some serious swelling and pain after working legs.  I didn’t feel anything while working out, but definitely right after working out.  Something was tweaked.  The GOOD news is, after several days of taking it easy, ICE, elevation and some Alleve, it is way better today with greater range of motion and decreased swelling.  Phew.  Anytime I can stay out of my ortho’s office is a good day.  And when I can avoid another surgery, even better!!

— 5 —

I finished two books this week.  Made to Crave.  Simply a SUPERB book focusing on all the things we often try to fill our “God-shaped hole” with, especially with food.  And things to think about as to WHY we eat when we eat, etc, I simply cannot say enough about how wonderful this book was and what a great Lenten companion.

I also finished Mockingjay.  What.  A Ride.  No spoilers here.  A depressing series (I mean it IS based on a post-Apocalytpic time), however, the action was riveting.  I’m glad it’s done.  I want to read silly, happy stuff now.  Waiting on Hubby to finish so we can go see it with our son, who also read the books.  It KILLED him (son) that he finished first and could NOT discuss the book with me since I was still reading it.  And yes, I cried.  I’m a tender heart.

— 6 —

I am officially part of the Pinterest community.  My daughter’s art teacher told her about it for making some bracelets, so BOOM.  We’re in.  I’ve been avoiding it forever.  I still don’t understand it.  I am completely overwhelmed.  There is nothing on my site except two panda pictures (quite adorable)–they are on my daughter’s board.  Really?  What do I do with this?  I’m sure there is some usefulness to it, but I’m not really sure.  Care to educate me??  Please??  Thanks.

— 7 —

I am starting the “Mary, Undoer of Knots” novena today.  Will take me to Holy Saturday.  I wanted something to really focus on during this last week of Lent.  I did it a few years ago and it was a wonderful novena and a fruitful time.

Have a great weekend, and as always, join in with Jen and many, many others to see their Quick takes!!  Click on the link below!  Blessings!!

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