Easter time, spring is here. Allelujah!!

Easter eggs ready for dyeing.  We don’t even hide the eggs anymore.  The dye stains my fingers, and yet….we just can’t seem to drop this tradition.  Something about writing on those eggs in white crayon, adding to color, mixing it up.  Easter fun, here to stay.

Spring time is perfect for strolling together and getting our cardio on.  Quality time with my big girl while our youngest practiced for Easter Mass with the liturgical dancers.  I want the pause button for times like these.

Daylight savings time=time for a walk on the beach after dinner.  Note to self:  check the tide schedule.  Soft sand+bad knee=killing the exercise routine.

Our sweetie pie was either kissing up to the Bunny or just grateful for the probability of her own personal stash of chocolate coming into her possession and wanted to express her gratitude. I like her style.

Pre-Mass.  The boys trying to decide the best location.  At this point is was…away from the ‘rents.

He is Risen, indeed!  Gearing up for the annual outdoor Easter Mass.

A gift from my dear friend.  The “Killer Cake” from Toojays.  She introduced me to this little lovely.  Now I gave up Facebook for Lent and was not lacking in chocolate prior to Easter.  But this.  Oh.  MY.  This will hit that chocolate sweet spot like nothing you’ve ever known.  As I was cutting the cake, the kids were giving me the “why-are -you-cutting-them-so-small” eyes;  by the time our oldest was hitting the mid-way point he changed his mind and asked “Why did you cut them so big?”.  Rich.  If you ate the whole thing, it would live up to its name and kill you.  Seriously.

Glorious Easter and Happy Spring, Y’all!

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