“Resting” Day….

Here I sit in my quiet Sunday morning house.  Not a sound except my typing on the laptop.  Bliss.  As rare as the supermoon.  OK, more than that, but pretty scarce.  Yesterday was a seriously full day, ironic since, on Friday, my girlfriend and I were both basking in the fact that neither of us had a single plan for the entire weekend.  And we didn’t have a plan..but here’s how it shook out anyway:

  • Power walk in a.m.
  • Grocery run
  • Laundry and start house chores
  • Hubby started installing ceiling fans in all three bedrooms–he is so persistent and refused to give up until they were all in and in correctly–QUITE the task!!
  • Son had his French horn lesson
  • @the same time, my oldest son’s friend came by to fix my cracked screen on my phone (for FAR less $$$ than the mall or apple store)
  • Grandparents came by with fresh homemade bread and short visit
  • Finished helping Hubby hang fans in bedrooms
  • Picked up youngest and her friend and we all took a break to the beach with neighbors for an hour or so
  • Rejuvenated, home to finish fans, make dinner and pick up oldest son from skatepark
  • Bring home daughter’s friend
  • Shower, dessert
  • Finish the LAST episode of Downton Abbey–<boo hoo!>  (Glad it wasn’t a total cliffhanger though…still looking forward to Season 3)
  • Checked out the moon with very little luck on pics…my “good” camera just not good enough. Looked like a giant lightbulb in the sky.  But very cool with the human eye!!  No meteors sighted…
  • Bed–under the awesome breeze of the ceiling fans!  LOVE my handy Hubby!!

Then,  unfortunately, I woke @ 4:30 a.m. with the beginnings of a migraine.  took an aspirin and went back to bed.  Made it through the morning and coffee helped but still needed another aspirin and am waiting for the last of it to kick off!!  Blessedly, they don’t come often!!

And so, Hubby wanted to try out surfing and left with a neighbor about 6:30 a.m.  The girls have Religious Ed this morning between Masses.  So…..Hubby and the boys went to 11 a.m. Mass and I’ll take the girls tonight to Youth Mass.  And that’s left me with some nice quiet time to let this headache finish up.  A silver lining, huh?  🙂

Therefore, today will be “restful”.  As it should be.  At least one day a week.  Happy Sunday!!

3 thoughts on ““Resting” Day….

  1. Jennifer

    I love the busyness of family life but I can relate to your enjoyment of the silence and peace! Hope you had a restful day and your headache is gone!


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