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Could YOU befriend Paul?

My sweet friend sent me a small booklet to read a little bit ago and for a gagillion reasons I’ve not been able to get into it.  Until this morning.  You see, I had a wedding to go to last night in St. Augustine for two former co-workers (just seriously the sweetest couple) and this morning I awoke before my friends did and had 2 HOURS OF TOTAL QUIET.  Unheard of, people.  Unheard.  Of.  Just me and my coffee and after working on my 1000 Gifts book I dove into the booklet:  Uniformity with God’s Will by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori.    

I can see why I couldn’t get into it initially.  God wanted my full and undivided attention.  Focused.  Small bits.  It is powerful.  I’ll share with you my insight this morning…all 2 pages in.

Some back story:  in talking about Saul, who persecuted Christians for their faith.  Not only persecuted, but hunted down and killed Christians, routinely.  Until…….God got his attention with a little episode of blindness.  Enlightening Saul and converting him to Paul.  (God often likes to change your name when He drafts you to His team).

Paul asks God, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” Acts 9:6

The Lord calls him a vessel of election and apostle to the Gentiles:  “This man is to me a vessel of election, to carry my name before the Gentiles.”  Acts 9:15

So, Paul, previously Saul, is a huge player in the Bible and on Team God.  He’s a huge instrument of God in spreading the Word, instructing Christians in how to live and love according to God’s will.  And….Paul has a past.  A really bad past.  Yet, God USES him.  Mightily.  Over and over again.  Amongst the very people he previously persecuted.

Think about it.  We ALL know a modern-day Paul.  People who have failed us, who have fallen, who have a past.  Shoot, realistically we ALL have our Saul-seasons.  With God’s grace we can ALL enjoy our Paul-seasons as well.  The best thing is, God can and does use Paul.  Mightily.  Over and over again.  Among the very people they have wronged.  However, how many of us fail to see the Paul and only see the Saul?  How many of us fail to see the blessings and instructions of the Paul because we can’t move beyond the Saul?

God forgives.  God moves on.  Beyond the “Sauls”.  God uses ALL things.  May we be more like God and focused on the “Pauls” in the world,  God’s new creations and let us let go of  the “Sauls”.



When do YOU have time to blog???

Be not of those who think perfection consists in undertaking many things, but of those who place it in doing well what little they do.  For it is much better to do little and to do it well, than to undertake much and do it ill.”  St. Francis de Sales

My  blog posts are becoming fewer and further between.  WTH?  When do you people have time to write?  Do you pound it all out at one sitting or draft and edit and edit?  I’m a sit down, get it done, publish kind of girl.  I like to wrap it up.  No loose ends.

My writing time is in the morning and since I started morning boot camp last week that killed 3 days during the week of “writing” time.  We also implemented a new scheduling system at work that has opened up a whole box of cluster for our company as there are MANY people trying to learn (all at different paces) AND utilize the system all at the same time.  We’re waiting to see if a head will roll (or two), but in the meantime our company has offered OVERTIME (unheard.  of.) to get the backlog of scheduling caught up.  Yours truly is all kinds of up on that train.  We have back-to-school in 4 weeks (already?!?!?) and the OT will definitely ease the burden of supplies and new shoes, shorts, shirts, etc., which means even less time for blogging!!!  I guess until the blogging pays for itself that’s the way it will be and since I’m not really in it to market anything, nor really found (or am looking for) a niche to fill, I don’t foresee that any time soon!  So, in the meantime, (or at least the next 3 weeks I have boot camp in the mornings) my blogging will be sporadic.  Unless you all give me some good ideas.

This weekend when I wasn’t blogging I was here:

Walking with one of my oldest and dearest friends for ONE WHOLE HOUR on the beach early Saturday morning! Great sweaty girl time!

Then, later in the day when I wasn’t blogging we were here:

Ending the day with friends on the beach

So, really.  How and when DO you blog?  Does the beach (or other fun) get in your way?  I really want to know….

By the way, it is Natural Family Planning Awareness week.  For those of you thinking it’s the ol’ Rhythm method here are a few sites to check out and learn a little somethin’ somethin’ about your body (or your wife’s), save a little dough and avoid added carcinogens in your body (because don’t we get enough from everything else we face on a daily basis?).  So, I may (or may not) have a few re-blogs here this week on interesting NFP stuff.  Excited, aren’t ya?  😉



Morning time=Quiet time

Morning time is my favorite time of the day.  Yes, it’s full of promise, fresh start, good intentions and all that jazz, but it’s truly the QUIET TIME of the day for me.  Which is why it’s worth it to me to get up a good hour (or more) before my offspring.  I want my coffee in peace.  I want to read the daily Readings.  I want to think and process through the day or yesterday.  I pray in peace.  There is no speaking (something Hubby has finally realized!).  And at some point, when Hubby has moved on to getting ready for the day or has left for work our little cat settles for Lap#2 (me).  His first choice is Daddy.  A fact that perplexes and infuriates our daughters to no end.  Either way, when it’s MY turn for some kitty cuddles, he’s all up in my business, paws on keyboard, nose on coffee mug, head butting my petting hand.  It’s his quiet time, too.

And…..since today is July 4th and we will be celebrating America’s birthday with my sister and her family in town for the night, I am enjoying the only QUIET I’ll see all day 😉  It will be beach in the morning and then pool and BBQ in the afternoon and a certainty of fireworks tonight which will be going off despite the fact that I will be getting up in the morning to work.   It’s all good though!  There’s something to be said for having a day off mid-week!

Last Friday in May?!?! or 7 months until Christmas…..

— 1 —

We’ve been in a rut (according to the kids) as far as dinner goes, so I’ve been letting our youngest (8) pick out a few new dinners from our Publix Apron Meals collection.  (We grab the recipe every week while they stalk  chat up Rick, the cooking dude and see if he has any grub ready.  Last week was a Rib dinner (not so great), Scallop dinner (delish!) and Honey mustard chicken pasta (pretty tasty).  This week, she picked out Peanut Satay chicken.  I figured it would be tricky, since we aren’t a very spicy or Thai craving people….however, OH MAN!  Huge hit.  Especially the Edamame sauté side dish.  We’ll keep up with this…it’s shaking up dinner in a good way!

— 2 —

I finished the Kite Runner.  I can’t say my Hubby didn’t warn me.  Multiple times.  I just finished yesterday.  It was “difficult”.  In that heart wrenching, yanking it out of your chest, stomping on it, trying to shove it back in “difficult”.  A glimpse of a life I really can’t bear to think about most days.  I’m still processing the book.  Rest assured, the next book will be light and fluffy.  Maybe the next two books. I need to regroup.

— 3 —

We hit the beach for Happy hour last night.  I needed it after finishing my book (see #2).  It was great.  Nice breeze.  Refreshing water.  Fun waves.  Ahhhh.  My soul rejoiced.  Heart refreshed.  Zero calories and no hangover 😉

— 4 —

Adoration.  Lunch break.  Never disappointing.  I went for peace regarding a few things in my life right now…ask and you shall receive.  (Matthew 7:7) Super cool.  I don’t ALWAYS get my prayer request answered so quickly!!  Sadly, I did NOT get the handout with bullet points and step-by-step instructions as to the direction I should take.  It’s coming though.  Probably in the format I least expect, seems to be how it usually works out.

— 5 —

The kids all received their FCAT scores from their teachers and everyone passed.  Hallelujah!  There wasn’t a “doubt” per se, but there’s been a lot of controversy on the testing changes this year and they had to have an emergency education meeting for the state to address the scores (they were THAT bad).  It’s an awful test.  Every year they take it is another year I mourn the fact I can’t home school (sorta) and not subject our kids to this ridiculous test and the immense amount of pressure it brings to the teachers and the students.  EVERY.  YEAR.  There must be some growth in it for us.  somewhere.

— 6 —

Apparently, my our lazy summer plans just got less lazy.  Our youngest wants to do Pop Warner cheerleading.  She’s been interested before, but dance and soccer have always won out in prior years.  This year she’s committed.  And our oldest daughter wants to play Club soccer.  She’s been conditioning with DaddiO this week, running and biking and will start drills next week since tryouts are in about 10 days.  She’s better than she thinks she is, she’ll just need to find that “competitive” spirit and learn to dump the “nurturer” to the curb during game time.  Thankfully the boys will be focusing on skateboarding and practicing French Horn and Xbox.  And they have their little lawn business.  So they are set.  phew.

— 7 —

We’ve been hitting the old home movies this week.  The girls LOVE to see themselves as babies (their baby scrapbooks are worn. out.)  The movies are putting them over the moon.  Meanwhile, Hubby and I have vacillated between sadness, laughter and absolute AMAZEMENT that we made it through those years mentally intact–for the most part.  It’s such a bittersweet, tangible thing to see your sweet BABIES and toddlers and now you look UP to look them in the eye.  Surreal.  And I did not enjoy those years enough.  I am, however, relieved that I am not really shrieking or scolding anyone (on camera), and I have video proof that I did laugh, so maybe I enjoyed it more than I think and it just went so quickly I don’t remember.

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Bon-Bon Tuesday

My workout partner bailed on me this morning.  (payback for yesterday….hmmmm…nah.)  Probably a good thing, because we did opposite body parts yesterday and that was going to make for a tricky workout, by Thursday we’ll be good!  So, I ‘ll hit it again at lunch today, which is fine by me.

Rather than go back to bed, I had my bon-bon time this morning.  Catching up on blogs.  Sending out a couple of emails.  Chatting with Hubby.  And you watch, somehow I will still end up running late this morning.  <sigh>

Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast by Pat Gohn and she was talking about “social tithing” and rethinking how we come across this vast internet and the “what if” we gave 1/10 of our social media time, tweets, status updates, blogs, etc to God.  A grateful tweet.  A shout out to God.

Then a friend posted on Facebook, “Break my heart for what breaks Yours”.

And I’ve been chewing on it subconsciously.  I think (I hope) it showed in enjoying the time with Hubby and the girls at the beach last night for an evening “surf practice” and swim session.  And in putting the kids to bed last night.  And in being grateful for the chaos of the morning rush (coming soon).  And in looking forward to the “End-of-the-year” singing concert for our youngest tonight. And in watching old home movies last night.  Much to be thankful and a reminder of priorities and what’s really important.

Before I go though, this quote was in my “Small steps for Catholic Moms” this morning and kind of ties those thoughts together:

The soul which remains attached to anything, even to the least thing, however many its virtues may be, will never arrive at the liberty of the divine union.  It matters little whether a bird be fastened by a stout or slender cord–as long as he does not break it, slender as it may be, it will prevent him from flying freely.”  St. John Chrysostom

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