Bon-Bon Tuesday

My workout partner bailed on me this morning.  (payback for yesterday….hmmmm…nah.)  Probably a good thing, because we did opposite body parts yesterday and that was going to make for a tricky workout, by Thursday we’ll be good!  So, I ‘ll hit it again at lunch today, which is fine by me.

Rather than go back to bed, I had my bon-bon time this morning.  Catching up on blogs.  Sending out a couple of emails.  Chatting with Hubby.  And you watch, somehow I will still end up running late this morning.  <sigh>

Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast by Pat Gohn and she was talking about “social tithing” and rethinking how we come across this vast internet and the “what if” we gave 1/10 of our social media time, tweets, status updates, blogs, etc to God.  A grateful tweet.  A shout out to God.

Then a friend posted on Facebook, “Break my heart for what breaks Yours”.

And I’ve been chewing on it subconsciously.  I think (I hope) it showed in enjoying the time with Hubby and the girls at the beach last night for an evening “surf practice” and swim session.  And in putting the kids to bed last night.  And in being grateful for the chaos of the morning rush (coming soon).  And in looking forward to the “End-of-the-year” singing concert for our youngest tonight. And in watching old home movies last night.  Much to be thankful and a reminder of priorities and what’s really important.

Before I go though, this quote was in my “Small steps for Catholic Moms” this morning and kind of ties those thoughts together:

The soul which remains attached to anything, even to the least thing, however many its virtues may be, will never arrive at the liberty of the divine union.  It matters little whether a bird be fastened by a stout or slender cord–as long as he does not break it, slender as it may be, it will prevent him from flying freely.”  St. John Chrysostom

**and don’t forget the rest of the May bloggers:








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