Listen to your body….

Or eventually it will give you no choice.  Yesterday, I blogged about my headache.  That was earlier in the day.  After I picked up our girls from Religious Ed. I came home, and promptly got into bed to REALLY get rid of that meddling headache for once and all.  It was about 11:45 a.m.  I briefly said hello to Hubby when he came in to check on me after Mass and the next thing I knew….it was 2:45 p.m.   So much for the day!!!  I had two hours to kill before Mass with the girls @ 5!!  (so we made Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls to continue celebrating our Easter Octave!!)  However, my headache was GONE.  And boy, was I rested!!  I thought I’d have a hard time going to sleep last night, but ZERO problem.  In fact, I was supposed to get up and meet my girlfriend at the gym and after turning off my alarm, fell BACK to sleep for another 90 minutes.  OY!  I’m blaming it on the ceiling fans.  It’s really making sleep phenomenal.  But truly, I obviously needed the sleep and since I didn’t give my body what it needed, it took it anyway.  So beware!!  What are you neglecting YOUR body of?  You might want to tend to those oversights, otherwise the body may just take over and give you no choice.

Have a great day!  Check in with the rest of the May-bloggers and see what they’ve been up to, hopefully they’ve been doing more than sleeping!!








See?  Our cat has NO problem just sleeping whenever he feels like it.  I should take my cue from him!

4 thoughts on “Listen to your body….

  1. brite

    I neglect sleep and water- the two main things I need to be a faithful nursing mother. Warren (sort of jokingly…but I think he was serious!) said he would give me $1 for every nap I took and every night I was in bed by 10pm. Needless to say, I’ve yet to earn a cent. 🙂


    1. tracye1 Post author

      So easy to say, but I remember when they were little I’d get so much done when they napped….and then was exhausted later. Maybe you could aim for a $5 a month….go from there!



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