Put a Fork in me….it’s Friday!!

Finally Friday…WHEW, because I think I am done with this week!!

Join me @ Conversion Diary and see what everyone else is up to….all the cool kids are doing it ;-)….and apparently Jennifer and I have similar dinner plans for the evening (we have friends visiting also!)….except our store was OUT of brisket…..URGH!!!  Wish me luck on the London Broil…..

  1. Mid-week I started feeling a little sluggish…blah, summer colds.  No boot camp for me this week, just no energy, but I’m packing my gym bag and hitting it at lunch time and going to class Saturday morning.  There.  I said it.  Now I have to do it!!
  2. I finished pulling my 222 blog posts off of iWeb and moved them over to WordPress.  Since my hard drive crashed I didn’t have the luxury of pulling them over later before iWeb goes away “poof” June 30….I know, I’ve been whining about it all week, I’m done.
  3. Started a novena this week for my dear friend’s daughter who leaves for Boston for radiation therapy on a very rare cancer in her head.  She’s young, vivacious and has an incredibly strong faith.  If you could offer up L in your prayers, her husband, her parents and her doctor and his team, I know they’d appreciate it!
  4. Speaking of prayers, we’ve added the Bishops fortnight for freedom prayer to after dinner.  After yesterday’s ruling, it’s even more important.  It’s not over yet!!!  There’s so much left to do!
  5. Adoration was my lunch break yesterday.  I had to process the ruling and gain some perspective.  I left with peace and renewed spirit.  God IS in control and this time on earth is temporary.  I wanted to stay in that awesome peaceful Adoration bubble, but I had to go back to work….<sigh>
  6. Littlest wanted to make a dessert for the fam last night so we whipped up a pumpkin pie.  Not too bad.  Crushed up some graham crackers and butter for the crust.  1 can of pumpkin.  1 can of sweetened condensed milk.  2 eggs.  cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger.  Bake @ 425 for 15 minutes and then @ 350 for 40 minutes.  Serve with some ice cream (we were out of cool whip) and voila!  She was so proud.
  7. Took the girls and 2 friends to see Brave for our youngest’s birthday.  I mean she DOES have red hair….we had to go see it!!  Super cute movie although the bear was a little intense.  Big sister was worried little sister was going to have nightmares.  Fortunately, they wrapped it up well after the “scary” part (yes, I jumped in my seat!) and we all slept well.

Well, I am the “early girl” today and should try to be on time….finish the week strong!  Blessings and happy weekend!!

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