What I wore Sunday….

Today I’m joining in @ Fine Linen and Purple for a wrap up of what a bunch of lovely ladies wore to church on Sunday.  So yes, this would be a “church lady fashion” post…sooooooo if you’re not interested…move on until tomorrow 😉

Sunday Mass is my one day of the week where I can dress up.  All week-long I wear scrubs and sneakers and although the Sunday Mass shoes don’t always feel so great due to the constant sneaker wearing….I gladly suffer.

I’ll just say that I don’t enjoy “selfies”, but I took one for the team and gave you a few.  I even included some closeups of jewelry and such (inspired by Dwija @ House Unseen).  Without further adieu….my FIRST “What I wore Sunday”:

Apparently the lighting in my room (excuse Hubby’s work mess…) gave me a shiny mustache….so I figured if you’re going to have a mustache might as well go big.

Dana Buchman. Kohl’s. A little higher heel than I usually go for, but super cute!

Lia Sophia…my favorite ring, about 5 years old…SO worth hosting the jewelry party for.

another Lia Sophia piece from hosting ANOTHER show.

My early Christmas present from my friend, Amanda. It’s a “Thirty-One” metro bag, it’s so roomy, I love it!!

I needed my bag to hold my change of clothes to walk in AFTER Mass while the girls were at Religious Ed/Faith Formation/CCD…I really wish they’d stop changing the name…

Because it was a BEAUTIFUL morning for a walk!!!

Here’s one without the mustache. And you can see the fluffy and fun neckline on my Koh’s tank-top, covered with my black (yes, Kohl’s) cardigan.

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