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Sunday, Funday, Fashion..

December 23 and you know what that means:  It’s Christmas Adam.  Yep.  My sweet Baptist friend, Lea refers to today as “Christmas Adam”, because Adam came before Eve and because she’s married to Adam.  chuckle, chuckle, snort.  She’s silly that Lea, you can read more from her HERE

Really, though….It’s What I wore Sunday over @ Fine Linen and Purple with Emily and Kendra, Vol 10 for them, Vol 6 for moi.  Without further blabber….

Attempting the "Grace Face"...fail.  But funny...

Attempting the “Grace Face“…fail. But funny…

Head to toe, looksie..

Head to toe, looksie..


A whole DOLLAR I tell you!!!

The things you find in your pockets of your beloved long sweater from last year!!



favorite ring, EVER…aside from the wedding set, of course…..Matchy necklace and earbobs and most versatile bracelet!


10 & 2….nice hand placement, Son. Hubby’s so calm, meanwhile I am praying fervently….in my head.

Big boy driving the WHOLE FAM DAMILY TO MASS!!  I sat in the waaay back.  Daddy rode shotgun.  He did well.  I zipped my lips.  Still not so used to this….


Attempting the duck face and peace fingers. I hear they’re all the rage, yo. Real talk. Oh how I love to embarrass my chillies….

And when I got home.  Comfy clothes.  It’s coooooold here today, ladies.  That’s right.  A high of 60.  Brrrrr.  I know.  I’ll never make it in the great white North.  Nothing like squashing Hubby’s dream of moving to New Hampshire…..

***Deets on the threads:  Dress Kohl’s(seen before, however, I’m too lazy to link, feel free to browse the archives), boots, Kohl’s; Sweater, yes…Kohl’s.  Jewelry:  Lia Sophia, also seen before.  Post Mass look, Old Navy bootie/slipper things, sweats, Target, Sweater, Kohl’s…..alllllll are many moons old thus not to be concerned with the whole “who wore it best” issue.

Now go on with your 4th Sunday of Advent and Merry, Merry Christmas!!

Sunday fashion and a migraine..

Ladies and gents…it’s Sunday and that means it’s time for the Great….“What I wore Sunday” link up over at Fine Linen and Purple.    So get on over and check ’em out and comment on all the lovely peeps and their Sunday best!

As for me, this will be quick.  On the way to church a headache started and quickly migrated into a migraine…urgh…no warning either.  Fortunately, I was able to get some Excedrin in and lie down when we got home and clearly I’m blogging so it’s waning, but still not quite up to par.  Boo hoo for me.  Enough of sob story, bring on the photos…

Forcing the smile with my mini-me’s….we are all in a version of black and white…Kohl’s dress….a few years old, boots–now a staple–tights–IDK, forever ago and you can’t see it, so I’ll save it for another day but my go-to long black sweater—Kohl’s several years old!

My “Thirty-One” metro bag…monogrammed, but of course!

Super fun ring (Kohl’s??), yes, I know, it’s a problem…bandaid courtesy via kitty…I should stop pulling his tail.

Lia Sophia slide necklace with daisy slide and daisy-ish earrings….




What I wore Sunday….

Today I’m joining in @ Fine Linen and Purple for a wrap up of what a bunch of lovely ladies wore to church on Sunday.  So yes, this would be a “church lady fashion” post…sooooooo if you’re not interested…move on until tomorrow 😉

Sunday Mass is my one day of the week where I can dress up.  All week-long I wear scrubs and sneakers and although the Sunday Mass shoes don’t always feel so great due to the constant sneaker wearing….I gladly suffer.

I’ll just say that I don’t enjoy “selfies”, but I took one for the team and gave you a few.  I even included some closeups of jewelry and such (inspired by Dwija @ House Unseen).  Without further adieu….my FIRST “What I wore Sunday”:

Apparently the lighting in my room (excuse Hubby’s work mess…) gave me a shiny mustache….so I figured if you’re going to have a mustache might as well go big.

Dana Buchman. Kohl’s. A little higher heel than I usually go for, but super cute!

Lia Sophia…my favorite ring, about 5 years old…SO worth hosting the jewelry party for.

another Lia Sophia piece from hosting ANOTHER show.

My early Christmas present from my friend, Amanda. It’s a “Thirty-One” metro bag, it’s so roomy, I love it!!

I needed my bag to hold my change of clothes to walk in AFTER Mass while the girls were at Religious Ed/Faith Formation/CCD…I really wish they’d stop changing the name…

Because it was a BEAUTIFUL morning for a walk!!!

Here’s one without the mustache. And you can see the fluffy and fun neckline on my Koh’s tank-top, covered with my black (yes, Kohl’s) cardigan.