The ADVENT of the holidays….

It’s post Thanksgiving and a month of “Thankful Posts” on Facebook and elsewhere (I didn’t participate publicly because I felt it would stress me out….go figure….), but I AM so thankful for everything in my life, even the not-so-great stuff.  God is good and He uses every bit of it to make us stronger and bring us closer to Him.  Rarely does it feel “good” in the middle of our trials, in hindsight it often makes sense.

Among the many things I AM thankful for is the coming of Advent.  I love Christmas and I love Advent.  The only problem is….it goes so quickly!!!  So, I’ll do my best to enjoy each and every hectic moment of decorating, cookie making, gift buying, wrapping, delivering, cards, music and preparation for the coming of Our Lord.  It’s gonna be hard though.  At least we have the Powerball chaos to keep us busy….and yes, I already bought my ticket…just one.  $500 mill, yo….I’ll throw a dollar in…

One of the things during Advent that is crucial, for me, is receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  I generally don’t look forward to it, but always feel better after it.  The other day Dwija put this link up on the book of Faceand I can honestly “say” that I’ve NEVER received this message quite like this before.  Reconciliation from a priest’s perspective.  Click HERE to read the entire article.  It was interesting for me because in the back of my mind, I always wonder when I see the priest after reconciliation….”is he thinking about what I told him?”.  Yes,  apparently I think I’m that big of a deal that among ALL the confessions he hears that MINE would be the most riveting….nevermind the fact it’s essentially the same-ish every time…which is really not so good since I’m still struggling in the same areas…but that’s a different post altogether.  In spite of my rambling…read the article, it’s truly a blessing!!



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