Beautiful Mass. Beautiful Church.

With my extra time home this week, I was able to attend Daily Mass one day, a rare to never treat for me on a WEEKDAY!  I was running a little late to make our regular church Mass so I opted for the 30 minute later Mass at the church we attended when we first moved here.  It’s now a Basilica and is a lovely, old church with high ceilings, lovely stained glass, statues of various Saints, Blesseds, Christ, Mary and more.  The church commands reverence when you enter and the acoustics lend to a deep resounding message.  It was a blessing to start my day there the other day; I hope you enjoy the pictures and my effort to fluff up my iPhone camera with some editing.


From the side street view. The upper cupola was destroyed during the 2004 hurricanes and replaced a few years and dollars later.


Baptismal font. Not built into the floor like the one in N. Florida that my friend’s sweet son fell in after Mass one beach vacation. True story.


Pews from the back, but LOOK at those columns and archways. Be still my heart, I could spend HOURS in here!!!


The main aisle to the altar.


One of the side alcoves and scenes: The Dream, The Exodus.


The Holy Family statue and prayer candles, flanked by stunning stained glass.


Jesus statue, prayer candles and more amazing stained glass.


Another side alcove with the Ascension of Mary


The Altar.

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