WIWS and other weekend craziness

Full shot

Full shot

I’ve not linked up with the fashionably forward ladies at FLAP in a while, but to be fair, I haven’t been blogging a ton lately.  Life is fully back into school and activities mode and there are only so many hours in the day.  You KNOW this, I know.  That’s the truth and I’m just getting it in when I can.

Aaaaaaaand, our oldest girl and I went thrifting yesterday and I simply HAD to share my outfit.  Thrift winning!



IMG_5632This is me showing you:  my fave necklace, shirt detailing and MY HAIR.  I actually did my hair.  Looks the same right?  Yep.  That’s why I don’t really do my hair.  It always looks the same to me.  Whatever.

Outfit Details:

Pants…just love the pinstriping (?) is that what it is…khaki and brown.  Can’t go wrong there. $1

Shirt….Love.  This.  Shirt.  All of my colors and super sassy.  $2

Shoes….Aerosoles, BROWN, slides and $2.  yes, thank you.

Jewelry:  not thrifted, but some pieces my beloved Lia Sophia collection.  Call me sucker.

For other weekend news:

Friday night after work and kid pickup/dropoff/pickup/pickup, Hubby and I went to a 50th birthday dinner.  The couple goes to our church and he wanted to do his signature BBQ ribs to celebrate.  In.  Had me at BBQ and me not cooking.   We also met a few other folks from church there (although I only remember about 2 names…I do poorly in large groups) and our associate priest was there as well.  It was a really nice time, great food, good conversation and just so nice to FINALLY be socializing with people from church OUTSIDE church.  It only took 10 years.  Whatever, that’s a whole other post simmering….

Saturday was thrifting and cleaning.  Productive AND fun.

Today I helped our 6th grader do her Science Experiment for her Science project due next week.  I was the photographer.  At Mass  our 8th grader was recognized for his accomplishment in making All State Orchestra for his French Horn.  It’s been a big weekend.

Now swing by the FLAP girls and check out the rest of the ladies!

Happy Veteran’s Day and have a great week!


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