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May-hem…the gardening version

Friday again and that brings us to Jen (who’s got a publisher!!!!!! for her book!!!!) and her peeps.  Can you say book tour???  Yes.  Yes, I can!!  Of course, let’s let her enjoy her newborn and finish up this crazy little month of MAY!

And with the craziness of May…what WAS I thinking of pulling off the annual “Every day in May” blog-a-thon again?  I totally and completely retract that post, statement and thought.  It’s been a big fat FAIL, in fact, this QT is basically consisting of photos of our garden and spring in full bloom here.  Check ’em out and if you have some tips for us…throw ’em out in the comment section…(I do LOVE some comments) because we are mostly winging it in the gardening arena!!!

Without further ado about nothin’…..our garden (otherwise known as “Who knew Hubby had a green thumb” AKA “How will we know when it’s ready for harvest”).  Enjoy!


I hope these babies do as well as last year….MAN we had cucumbers every other day!!


Lettuce. I guess it’s ready when it’s bigger?


Peas. Experimenting. They are almoooooooooost hooking up with the lattice to climb.


And….yeah, not really sure when to pluck these. Clearly not yet…but…..yeah, not sure when.


We’re not even sure WHERE the broccoli is going to show up. Another fun experiment, because we can eat some broccoli around here!!


Disregard the weeds that we need to yank, but that isn’t grass folks….and sadly, I don’t really remember WHAT kind of onion it was….I’m leaning toward green onion, because I do enjoy those. Hmmm, time will tell.


No explanation needed. These did well last year. We got a little flooding last weekend and spotted a few (unwelcome) visitors, so they’ll be getting the Sevin treatment tomorrow….and hope for the best!


check out those ITTY, BITTY oranges!!!! First year we’ve had ANY sign of life out of this tree. Super excited!!


For kicks, we figured what did we have to lose except a little part of the yard that does nothing!


My hydrangea!!! First year of blooms since I planted it two years ago!!! Looks like the flowers will be pink! LOVE. THIS. PLANT!!

And so that was more than 7….I know….it’s been a long week!  Thanks for humoring me 🙂

Have a blessed weekend !!

First Friday and Quick Takes!

— 1 —

So.  Glad.  It’s.  Friday.  It’s been a busy couple of days for some reason and I am looking forward to some downtime this weekend.  I texted a friend today who’s been on my heart and asked her if there was anything I could pray for her.  She was fine and caught me up on the busy happenings in their family and just asked for prayers to be who God wants her to be in spite of and in the middle of all the busy.  And as tonight came to a (grateful) close, I realized I am so NOT who God wants me to be when I am tired and stretched too far.  And I really need to work on that.  really.

— 2 —

This week brought the beginning of the “Blog-Every-Day-In-May” challenge.  My friend Lea started it five years ago.  Ironic that she started it in May because it has to be THE busiest month of the year (next to December) with all the end-0f-the-school year activities and bustle and why wouldn’t you want to add to the craziness with blogging daily???  My other friend, Brite, calls it the challenge you love to hate–especially by the end!  I did get some interesting insight that apparently May is INTERNATIONALLY busy with the end of the year/semester as Ellie (in Ireland) is doing the calendar juggle as well.

— 3 —

It’s not too late to join our challenge.  Really you can join in at any time.  I’m not too serious and hard-core.  And if you don’t  post EVERY day, no biggie.  You can use words, pictures or both.  It’s all good!  Just comment and include your blog and I’ll add you to the roster below:






— 4 —

My girlfriend sent me my birthday present yesterday.  She’s way early and I opened it.  I can’t WAIT to shower this morning!!!  It’s a new shower scrub and bath gel called AWAKEN.  You can get it from Amanda HERE.  (Teacher gifts, hint, hint)  Shameless plug, but I really love Arbonne.  It is the bomb-diggety!!!  (to steal a phrase….)  I started using their skin care line when my face was SO dry when my oldest was a baby—14 years ago!!!!  Anyway, I love their makeup and skin care, but I don’t treat myself to the luxury of the scrubs and gels….so she treated ME!  I’ll just have to hide it from my girls…..

— 5 —

I am up WAY too early, but one hour from now and my workout will be over!  Woo hoo!  We were so busy yesterday at work, I didn’t get to the gym at lunch–worked straight through–but I did manage to squeeze in a walk when I got home to save my sanity.  somewhat.  That may be a lost cause!

— 6 —

Hubby’s tomato plants are growing like crazy and we even have little tomatoes already.  It’s only been about 4 weeks.  maybe 5.  Last week he planted cucumbers and they are sprouting, too!  Our first foray into gardening.  Very exciting.  He gets all the props though, I’m just standing back watching and he’s doing a great job!!  I’ll get some herbs to add to the mix this weekend and I foresee SALSA in our summer future!!

— 7 —

As another week comes to a close, may your weekend be blessed, whatever it brings.  Hug your babies, because tomorrow they’ll be 6 inches taller than you and one foot out the door.  Enjoy each day because it truly is a PRESENT.

Now, go grab a cuppa somethin’ and join Jen and everyone else for the Friday recap!  Blessings!!

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