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May Day. Mayhem. Ahem..

May 1st and thus begins my annual self-imposed blogging challenge of :409e7f6b1e515e5ea07618804fe2b41a



Join in if you will, include your blog and post in the combox!

As for me…..it’s my birthday month!  Woop woop!  Double digits, baby.  Double digits.

Apparently, my first birthday present is on its way (I have some very Type A friends…whom I love DEARLY).


Aaaaaaaaand our girls are headed for a Girl Scout Camping weekend this weekend, so with only 2 teenage boys in the house it’s like we’re practically empty-nesters.  I see DATE NIGHT SQUARED in our future. Not a bad way to start off the month, eh?

I don’t want to set the bar too high for May blogging here on my first day in; it’s a marathon, not a sprint!  Besides, I can’t  use all my material for my Friday when I join in with Jen and her crew, in the meantime…..y’all be sure to check out her new BOOK!!!  (It’s on my Kindle and as soon as I finish with the Antelope in the Living Room—-hilarious, BTW….I’m in #SOTG).1CzXHkYo7i546xIkVIr2W9-wNjLD2euLWG4Co70vlDw


MAYhem challenge: blogging every day in May

Killer Cake by Toojay's.  WOW!!  There's one located near someone's office...someone I love dearly.  What do you know?

Killer Cake by Toojay’s. WOW!! There’s one located near someone’s office…someone I love dearly. What do you know?  Have you every had this cake?  Ugh.  Not on ANY healthy diet.  Ever.

It’s almost here:  MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!   The month where I torture myself to blog daily (weekends optional) and invite YOU to join me.

Generally there is no theme…just blog it up.  Photo essay.  Words.  Many.  Few.  Whatever you’re feeling, bring it on.  Sometimes it’s a little something profound-ish, sometimes it’s an essay, a story, a recap, maybe a link up.  Whatever.  No rules.  Just write.  (see what I did there?  hee hee crack me up)

Why I always pick May is mainly my dear friend Lea’s fault…she started this long ago…next to December it’s the busiest month of the year what with school end projects and such and yet…..I do love a challenge, even a personal challenge, just to see if I can do it.  Sometimes it just gives me something else to distract myself from the EVERYthing that is going in on May…birthdays, Mother’s Day, end of school.  It also reminds me that the likelihood of my ever making a living from writing is slim to none (since you actually have to write well and often)…so this is all for fun and encouragement!

Think on it!  Join in.  Crazy loves company!!


Everyday in May…sorta.

My super-de-duperty creative and brilliant friend, Lea who has been blogging for several more years than I….has for several years had a theme of “Blog every day in May”.  I’ve participated in the past 3 years and somehow………

it is May 9th!!!!!!!!!!   WHAT?!?!?!?!?

and she called me today to remind me that NEITHER of us has begun the annual blog-fest and promptly directed me to her blog to see what she did to rectify that situation.  Yep.  The woman done went and CAUGHT UP!!!  So now….my goal-oriented-task-driven-competitiveness has kicked in.  I won’t even bother to back track.  Serious talk.  Too tired.  BUT…..I did blog last Friday and for us, weekends are a kind of bonus, so I’ll start now.  So go ‘head…”follow”, add me on Bloglovin’, follow on the Twitter…whatever you need to do and git ready!  Because I’d really like to celebrate with some blackberry grits and tea with Lea after this!!

And so here’s the deali-O…if you are blogging everyday in May…leave a comment and we can check it out and spread the word.  I’ll leave a little list at the bottom of this post of some other bloggers doing the same.  OK, OK, just one for now…but let me know if you’re blogging every day!!   If I REALLY get ambitious I’ll put a sidebar with May bloggers to make it easy…no promises, just dreams of grandeur.

It’s really just wrong we do this anyway…. I mean…it’s MAY!  The busiest month of the year….truly.  Even December…baby Jesus’ birthmonth isn’t as stressful as end-of-year wrap up, testing, recitals, First Communion, birthdays, Mother’s day, etc, etc, etc!  But hey, if a little writing and reading gets us through….blog on we shall!

Rachel Balducci @ Testosterhome…..got boys?  lots of ’em?  and a princess?  She does, too!!!  And stories abound.  AND she even wrote a book!!