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WIWS Vol.7…and some thriftin’..

You can blame it all on Emily and Kendra @ Fine Linen and Purple.  Sunday has become the Mass Fashion show….raising the bar on how we present ourselves in Jesus’ house, how we prepare ourselves mind, body and spirit for Mass and snapping some photos along the way.

Warning, soap box moment:  Once upon a time dressing for Mass was dressing in one’s Sunday best and there wasn’t even a second thought or argument about it; these days its anything goes (and in our warmer climate…believe me…ANYthing goes).  On the one hand, we should just be grateful people are PRESENT for Mass and disregard their dress (maybe pray that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes to their cleavage bearing/thong showing/ripped jeans/flip-flop selves); however, there is the just-coming-from-work-and-straight-to-Mass-dress and there’s just-popping-by-Mass-before-I-hit-the-beach-club-BBQ-dress. Big difference.  This is where this lovely little link-up comes in….a way to remind us to take the time in all areas to properly prepare and present ourselves for Mass, time spent with Our Lord, one measly Hour completely His and to give Him the respect He is due.  Ideas borrowed from other women and men and encouragement in taking a little extra time with our appearance.  Stepping off the soapbox now….

Submitting my little collage…trying out a new app…of the girls and I ready for Mass.


skitched-46-1Deets:  Collage, meh…not loving it so much so I gave you the bonus head-to-toe shot so you can get a little better look at that animal printy shirt…Rarrr…

Shirt: Kohl’s, few years ago, Pants, Christmas gift years ago, Shoes: Kohl’s

Necklace and earrings: gift from my girls a while ‘go

Ring: Lia Sophia fave

Mini-mes:  Sporting yesterday’s thrifty finds, dresses AND shoes…and a sweet little Christmas necklace on the Diva daughter.

Blessings, y’all…We are off to do nada…or maybe hit the movies…