New Blog on the block

My sweet friend, Carrie has just started her blog.  It’s called Undone, Untying the knot of Eve.  I am completely biased, but it is SPECTACULAR!!!  I have writer’s envy.  Truly.

I posted Carrie’s meme on contraception, “Contradeception“.  Phenomenal observations on the culture of death and the deceptive reality of contraception.

Carrie is a precious friend, a homeschooling mom of 6, strong Catholic and for the petite little blonde she is….the girl ain’t afraid to stand up and defend her faith.  I’m so proud of her for starting her blog and can’t wait to see what’s next.  She’s still tweaking and adding, but 3 posts in….the woman has begun!!

Head on over and be blessed by her observations.

Happy Weekend!!


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