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Helping out a friend

One of my friends that I grew up with in NJ, has a borderline obsession/love with Bret Michaels and has been to many concerts of his, meet and greets, etc.  She is now in a contest, ending May 16, to have dinner with him.  They are currently on round 2 and this girl……..she’s in the top 6!  Her posts on FB are hilarious and her gifs are getting more creative every day, so I am passing on the ability for YOU to help this sister out and vote.  They’ve changed it up for this round and NO ONE KNOWS who is in what place.  It’s crazy.  You can vote 6 times a day….just open up 6 tabs, hit mute on your speaker and go.  The tab is here:

Dinner with Bret


New Blog on the block

My sweet friend, Carrie has just started her blog.  It’s called Undone, Untying the knot of Eve.  I am completely biased, but it is SPECTACULAR!!!  I have writer’s envy.  Truly.

I posted Carrie’s meme on contraception, “Contradeception“.  Phenomenal observations on the culture of death and the deceptive reality of contraception.

Carrie is a precious friend, a homeschooling mom of 6, strong Catholic and for the petite little blonde she is….the girl ain’t afraid to stand up and defend her faith.  I’m so proud of her for starting her blog and can’t wait to see what’s next.  She’s still tweaking and adding, but 3 posts in….the woman has begun!!

Head on over and be blessed by her observations.

Happy Weekend!!


Thirty-One…partay! Online style..

My dear friend, Amanda, is a Thirty One consultant (but that’s NOT her in the picture!) and if you are a bag, tote, purse, organizer lover like me….you’ll LOVE this stuff.  I’ve already sent out a mass email to friends and family who (I think) will benefit from these products either for themselves or for Christmas, birthday, teacher gifts, etc.  There is a HUGE variety to choose from, great prices and you can check her website for the monthly deals (spend $31 and get a product super-duper cheap-o) and contact her for any questions, BUT….THIS post is to show you a few things actually IN ACTION.

Now you know how the parties go, you order, I order, there are perks for hosting, etc, etc.  You can become a consultant or a hostess.  The consultant price is incredibly low (certainly one of the lowest I’ve come across in direct sales home based businesses, so if you are looking for some cash for the holidays, the groceries or vacation, maybe this is for you).  Maybe you just want to get an ever BETTER price on the products and would like to host a party.  Either way.  My friend’s goal is to provide home school supplies for her kiddos (6 of them), extracurricular activities (swimming and piano) and to supplement her family’s income (real estate has been tough in case you haven’t heard….), so check it out and if you want to order…get it in before the 29th of October; each month the specials change and my “party” is over the 29th!  So hurry, hurry, don’t be a procrastinator like me!!  Without further ado…..here’s some proof these bags rock!

We use this utility tote as our go-to beach bag

6 towels AND toys, sunscreen and umbrella screw!

Toys, etc under the towels and it’s a nice wipe off material!

My everyday purse. Love this print!

Plenty of room for my “mess”

My organizer…matches my purse 😉

Ta-DA! Look how nice that Kindle Fire fits in the middle for travel…..

This is my friend Mary’s…she had hers monogrammed…you can, too!
This is an organizer

She carries EVERYTHING she needs for the day…and then some. Best thing is, it stands upright and doesn’t flip over in the car!!

So there are a few true-life pics of Thirty-One in action.  Check out Amanda’s website HERE and order before October 29.  Or book a party.  Or become a consultant.  Thanks!!  I appreciate your checking it out and I know she will, too!