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Baking, backbends and stuff…7QTs!

My weekly roundup of the week with J.Fulwiler, Catholic blogger and reality show star and her amazing followers of blogginess…Check ’em out HERE, they have some FUNNY stuff over there….and USEFUL….and HISTORICAL….and…well…just go check it out, there’s something for EVERYone!!

1.  I’ve returned to the gym (for weight work).  My muscles are meeting to secretly stage a coup, I’m sure.  Shhh, don’t tell them, but we’re going back tomorrow.  As soon as I can bend over to tie my shoes.  It’s just not fair how quickly you get sore when you add in new/old/different stuff.  Cue the Rocky theme song….

2.  To celebrate my return to the gym, I helped our oldest daughter attempt a Pinterest recipe for chocolate chip cookie bowls…click HERE for pic credit AND recipe if you should like to give it a whirl.  Bless her heart.  Her Mama didn’t read the directions first.  Fortunately, she only made 6 and the rest regular cookies.  Apparently it calls for the cookie dough in the tube…whatev…

Taste=FABULOUS  Presentation=Room for improvement.


Sweet girl. Our future “Cake boss”, but much kinder!

This is MESSY!!


Theirs. Perfectionists. So not real life…..:-P

3.  This weekend we are getting our family picture taken.  By a real person.  Not just a self-timer.  Christmas cards…..it’s on!

4.  Our youngest diva daughter has been working diligently on this backbend kick over and by golly, she got it!!  Try THIS LINK…I’m just too cheap frugal to upgrade to the video uploader….or you can go to my Twitter and view it…or just imagine our girl finally getting her backbend kick over!

5.  This morning, somehow, we overslept an ENTIRE HOUR!!!  ALL of us.  We woke up when our oldest should have been getting ON the bus.  Talk about an adrenaline rush.  I don’t know about you but we are seriously efficient when running EXTREMELY late.  There is NO time for bickering, arguing or even talking.  The high schooler and elementary kids made it on time and I was late (fortunately no patients were waiting on me…I wasn’t THAT late!!) and Hubby took our middle schooler at his regular time.  Mad skillz, I tell you. Or a well oiled machine.  controlled chaos.  What have you.  Sure got my heart rate up.  I have re-checked the alarm settings many times already tonight….

6.  This week my Aunt received bad news regarding her cancer and has decided to be done with chemo and to let nature take its course.  It’s awful.  Her daughter and son are my age.  I can’t even fathom it.  She is at peace with her decision and I know God will take care of her family but it isn’t going to be easy.  Not one bit.  Today, my brother-in-law (Hubby’s bro), had a heart catheterization and two stents placed. After he drove himself to the hospital because he wasn’t feeling so good.  He’s 42.  3 kids (10, 6 &6)  He’s doing fine but……ugh.  I can’t even go there.  The point is…..We do not know when our hour will come.  And I am reminded of a beautiful twitter quote I’ve been mulling over all week:   @JamesMartinSJ: Gospel: “Live today as if it were your first day…your last day…and your only day.”

7.  And so with Father Martin’s quote fresh on my heart earlier this week, I received an email with RIDICulously low air fare to see my mom.  I promptly booked 3 tickets for myself and the girls to go in January.  It’s their Christmas present (shhhhhh).  I’ll take the boys this summer.  YOLO, right?  Fortunately, Hubby was VERY understanding and forgave me for my completely impulsive decision without his input and is on board.  Phew.

That’s all from me….Blessings to you ALL!  Have a great weekend!

Thirty-One…partay! Online style..

My dear friend, Amanda, is a Thirty One consultant (but that’s NOT her in the picture!) and if you are a bag, tote, purse, organizer lover like me….you’ll LOVE this stuff.  I’ve already sent out a mass email to friends and family who (I think) will benefit from these products either for themselves or for Christmas, birthday, teacher gifts, etc.  There is a HUGE variety to choose from, great prices and you can check her website for the monthly deals (spend $31 and get a product super-duper cheap-o) and contact her for any questions, BUT….THIS post is to show you a few things actually IN ACTION.

Now you know how the parties go, you order, I order, there are perks for hosting, etc, etc.  You can become a consultant or a hostess.  The consultant price is incredibly low (certainly one of the lowest I’ve come across in direct sales home based businesses, so if you are looking for some cash for the holidays, the groceries or vacation, maybe this is for you).  Maybe you just want to get an ever BETTER price on the products and would like to host a party.  Either way.  My friend’s goal is to provide home school supplies for her kiddos (6 of them), extracurricular activities (swimming and piano) and to supplement her family’s income (real estate has been tough in case you haven’t heard….), so check it out and if you want to order…get it in before the 29th of October; each month the specials change and my “party” is over the 29th!  So hurry, hurry, don’t be a procrastinator like me!!  Without further ado…..here’s some proof these bags rock!

We use this utility tote as our go-to beach bag

6 towels AND toys, sunscreen and umbrella screw!

Toys, etc under the towels and it’s a nice wipe off material!

My everyday purse. Love this print!

Plenty of room for my “mess”

My organizer…matches my purse 😉

Ta-DA! Look how nice that Kindle Fire fits in the middle for travel…..

This is my friend Mary’s…she had hers monogrammed…you can, too!
This is an organizer

She carries EVERYTHING she needs for the day…and then some. Best thing is, it stands upright and doesn’t flip over in the car!!

So there are a few true-life pics of Thirty-One in action.  Check out Amanda’s website HERE and order before October 29.  Or book a party.  Or become a consultant.  Thanks!!  I appreciate your checking it out and I know she will, too!