Buh bye Facebook. For now anyway…


For the last couple of Lent seasons I have given up Facebook and it is a glorious 37 days.  (it takes a few days to shake the habit and then I’m good).  This year, when I signed back on Facebook was different.  Not so much the layout but the content.  People are posting videos, news reports, Pinterest recipes, ecards and there are Advertisements and countless game requests.  I’m not saying all that is bad, however, where are the pictures, my people?!?!??!  I’m in it for the updates.  Tell me you are drowning in back to school supply lists, basking at the beach, meeting friends for a run and post pictures….THAT is what I want.  I have YouTube for videos, Pinterest to feed my inner Martha Stewart, CNN, National Catholic Register and The Weather Channel for my news feed, and WordsWithFriends to satisfy my gamer needs—Candy Crush and all that nonsense just infuriates me.    It’s overload.  I come away more often than not, anxious and frustrated; I mean, when I start “hiding” family members due to ridiculous ranting….it’s a problem.   All I really want is to see my family and friends enjoying life, pics of their growing-way-too-fast kids and some silliness.  So, I’m deleting my account and removing it from my phone.  I might reactivate it now and then, however, something tells me once I’m over the first few days it will be more less than often….



In the meantime, I plan on picking up the pace with phone calls, emails, texts, heck…even snail mail and IN REAL LIFE conversations to keep up with friends and family.  Crazy, right?  Probably.  So, if you’ve got my number, call me.  Maybe.

1 thought on “Buh bye Facebook. For now anyway…

  1. Tammi

    That’s something to think about. Kinda been thinking the same lately. I’m available so feel free to call, write or text me anytime. Love you!! xoxo



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