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Happy Anniversary!!

WordPress alerted me with a trophy announcing my 3 year blogiversary. 17 days ago. Clearly I am waaaaaaaaay off the radar here.

But good news! We are finally getting to the point that I can replace my beloved laptop, to which I believe will return me to the blog world. Let’s collectively hold our breath, shall we?

It’s quite challenging to blog on the PC. My Hubby is sweet and offered up his laptop, but…..he uses it daily for work and I shudder at the thought of something happening to it on my watch. Too much pressure. And the phone. Puhleeeeze. I can barely read the blogs on my phone, never mind pen one.

So. Hang tight. Lots to report and such. Stay tuned! ūüôā


Happy Anniversary, Papa Francis!!

Photo cred....Cake boss, of course!!

Photo cred….Cake boss, of course!!

Because Pope Francis is so worthy of a Cake this BOSS!!! ¬†I’m sure he wouldn’t even mind if we called him “Buddy”. ¬†Ok. ¬†Maybe a little. ¬†But…yeah….Happy Anniversary, Pope Francis!

Pat Gohn has a podcast HOT off the press in celebration of Pope Francis’ One Year anniversary and you can download it HERE. ¬†You will probably recognize a few voices from the interwebz, including (ahem) me!

And so, in my own nod to Papa…here are my own personal top faves of his first year as Pope…in 7 QT style with Jen and crew!

1. ¬†The most humble and shocked beginning of this Pope who was so quietly in AWE of this role he now found himself in. That gentle wave. ¬†That face that was still processing….”ME?” ¬†“What?”. ¬†Just love it!! ¬†“hi.”

Credit where it's due!

Credit where it’s due!

2.  I was at work when the white smoke puffed.  Where were you?

More photo cred and instructions on making your own white smoke ;-)

More photo cred and instructions on making your own white smoke ūüėČ

3. ¬†Giving an impromptu and brief Catholic history lesson to my Baptist co-worker on the hows and the whys of electing a “Pope”. ¬†Me, of all people. ¬†My apologetics BFF would have been proud!!

4. ¬† The complete silence in the crowd of well-wishers present for Pope Francis’ first prayer and speech to the world. ¬†Goosebumps at the silence of all those people. ¬†Be still my heart. ¬†Be. ¬†Still.

5.   The way the Pope walks the talk.  He lives his Jesuit calling in his role as Pope.  He DOES what Jesus would DO.  He loves the poor, the sick, the maimed.  When a child comes up on stage, he chuckles and carries on.  He sets the example for ALL of us to love our neighbor.  Over and over and over again.

6. ¬†He welcomes the world. ¬†He draws the world in by his genuine love and care for all. ¬†Regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, financial standing, felony record or sexual preference. ¬†We are called to love one another and he shows us time and again that this is possible even when we look at life differently from one another. ¬†Jesus loves us all and HE will sort it out in the end; he doesn’t need us to do it while we are here on earth. ¬†Pope Francis ain’t no gossip monger.

7.  Pray for Pope Francis.  For the world.  For one another.  Family.  Friends.  Co-workers.  Neighbors.  Let us all take the time to emulate this most approachable and loving Pope as we live our lives.

Credit:  my twitter page.  Don't YOU follow Pope Francis?

Credit: my twitter page. Don’t YOU follow Pope Francis?

Happy Friday y’all. ¬†My favorite day of the week—woot woot!!

18 years and we still got it!!

18 years ago, my 24-year-old self became a June bride. ¬†My husband would turn 25 on our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. ¬†It was the “Year of the Wedding”…not just ours but with many of our friends getting married as well. ¬†We joked we belonged to the Wedding of the Month Club. ¬†It was a fun time. ¬†Expensive, I’m certain, but at 24 who really dwells on that? ¬†I certainly don’t remember losing any sleep over it. ¬†For our own wedding, my girlfriend and I attended a bridal show and I won the GRAND PRIZE as we were leaving. ¬†It consisted of a wedding gown, tux rentals, limo rental, wedding cake, hotel room, flowers and a bunch of other stuff. ¬†All I know is…… SCORE!!! ¬†(and boy were my parents happy!)

Fast forward 18 years, 4 kids, 1 townhouse, 3 houses, 2 dogs and 1 cat later. ¬†We are but a glimpse of the smiling young couple you see above. ¬†Not in a bad way. ¬†In a roll-with-life way. ¬†Kids change you. ¬† ¬†Growing up changes you (NOW finances can cause you to lose sleep!). ¬†Jobs change you. ¬†Life changes you. ¬†For us, I am happy to say that we still enjoy each other’s company. ¬†We still laugh. ¬†We still fight. ¬†We still love. ¬†So much has changed and yet, most days, in my heart, I still feel like the bright and happy 24-year-old.

Anyone that’s married can tell you, it’s not easy. ¬†And either no one tells you that before you get married or you choose not to hear it from those cynical old biddies. ¬†After you’ve been married awhile you see the humor in the jokes and understand what those people were trying to tell you. ¬†It’s worth it though. ¬†A marriage requires an effort. ¬†A marriage requires TWO people to be engaged. ¬†If you are in it for the long haul, be sure to pack some humor, compromise, forgiveness, hope, dreams and lots of love.

It’s been quite the ride and I’m looking forward to the rest of it…achy bones, graying hair and all!!

1 Corinthians 13:13

13 But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the [a]greatest of these is love.