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Friday..flipping it to the weekend

Here we go, people.  Friday.  Sliding into the weekend.  After this week from H.E.double toothpicks at work, I’m THRILLED to see it here.  Now if I make it through the day without the big cheese showing up with a briefcase and calling me into the office, I’ll be good to go.


— 1 —

In case you missed it, yesterday was my birthday.  27 again.  See yesterday’s post for the deets. Pics at the bottom!

— 2 —

With all the work stress, I’ve been REALLY, REAAAAAAAALLLLLLLY trying to decide what ELSE I want to do/be when I grow up.  Hubby has some good ideas, so this weekend I’ll have to actually sit down and get the ball rolling.

— 3 —

I did spend time in Adoration yesterday, which is ALWAYS good for some peace.  Trust.  Strength.  Courage.  And I’ll trust that God will provide the window/door/key at the appropriate time.

— 4 —

I did come up with some ideas on blog changes as well, something I’ve been mulling over for a while.  It’s a little lower on the priority list but I think they are some good and useful ideas, especially for busy people who want to live and eat healthier.  Got your attention, right??

— 5 —

I’m going to start sewing!!!!  I’m currently looking for a good machine…not terribly complicated but able to do wild and crazy things.  Maybe THAT’S my next calling!!!!  Or just a stress relief.  Either way…ideas????  Send ’em on….

— 6 —

May is winding down.  We still have a spring band concert, awards, 5th grade graduation and end of the year parties to go, but we are taking it one-day-at-a-time and checking the white board calendar as we go.  Love summer, but getting through May is a necessary evil, no?

— 7 —

Bday flowers at work.  Gracing a work station.

Bday flowers at work. Gracing a work station.

Homemade bday cake!!  Deeeeeelish!!!

Homemade bday cake!! Deeeeeelish!!!

Bday dinner.  Before the carnage.  You'd think we never feed these kids!

Bday dinner. Before the carnage. You’d think we never feed these kids!

Our post-brawl cat sleeping it off in the boys open drawer.  At least he's eating and drinking and moving around now.

Our post-brawl cat sleeping it off in the boys open drawer. At least he’s eating and drinking and moving around now.

My great casserole dish bag from "Thirty One"..HMU if you want one, I'll put you in touch with Amanda!

My great casserole dish bag from “Thirty One”..HMU if you want one, I’ll put you in touch with Amanda!

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27 again…birthday fun!

Every time I turn 27 again, it’s just awesome.  Really.  (16 times now, I’m getting good at this!!)  To the guy who sold me my lottery ticket and wanted to make sure I was 18 (wink wink)….he so has my business forEVAH!!!  To my favorite co-worker who told me how young I look.  THESE are the people who make turning 27 again, just fun!!  what’s a number anyway….phhht!!!

Since I didn’t take the day off, my awesome friends at work had b-day snacks aplenty in the healthy fashion…even the cake was a lo-cal version….of the frickin’ delish nature!!  And lovely flowers from one of the girls who just has an amazing garden of flowers and shares them for birthdays.  Adoration for lunch.  Bomb-dig.  Chinee-takee-outee (is that PC?) for dinner and homemade birthday cake for dessert.  Catching up on Once Upon a Time with the girls after showers.

Top it all off with a slew of text messages, phone serenades, Facebook/Twitter wishes, a super awesome “Thirty-One” casserole baking carrier, Silpada earrings, mani-pedi, hand soap….what girl could be happier??  None in this house.

And now, it’s time to put this 27 (again) gal to bed!  Peace out y’all!


Almost muh Birthday……

Let the happy thoughts commence!!


I’ve been grumpy this week.  Work is stressing me out.  I shouldn’t have hives because of work, right?  Got written up today for making a mistake….first one in EVER!!!!!!!!  (write-up, not mistake……although I like to think that..)   So, I’m thinking I should look for a new job/career/hit the lottery, something…because this really sucks.


And so.  On that ever so cheerful note……tomorrow is my birthday…..and I shall make that a happy day.  Even if I am turning 43.  It’s all good.

If you’ve got a great job for me…hit me with it….otherwise, I’ll gladly accept miscellaneous fun gifts, prayers and happy birthday wishes!!!


Summertime and the living is easy….for those who have off that is!

My view from the track for the next few months…BUT….it’s guaranteed cardio, so there’s that!

‘Tis the last week of summer for us and I’m taking off Wed-Fri to chill and occupy the children.  Except that I panicked at the thought of the next 4 months being utterly sucked up by soccer and cheer practice/games and any opportunity of any travel outside of games is POOF, gone, so I decided to make an somewhat-impromptu visit to see my girlfriend in Atlanta.  Taking my girls, of course.  (the boys aren’t interested…they are too cool for that, besides her boys won’t be there…)

what bored soccer players do at cheer practice…

It will be a busy few days, because that’s how I roll….all busy and hectic and such…it’s black and white with me sometimes–ok mostly.  Balls to the wall busy or slug.

Anyway, possibly a day trip to Gainesville to see my pregnant friend before she enters the world of 4 kiddos, birthday skateboard shopping for our almost 15-year-old!  WHhAaTt?!??!?!  Meet the teachers.  Pick up middle schooler’s schedule/locker/etc.

But first….let me get my arse off the chair and get ready to GO VOTE!

Have a great day and hopefully will have some fun stuff for you at the end of the week!


40 and FABULOUS!!!

Today is my little sister’s 40th birthday!!!  Sounds “Old”.  My kids tell us it’s “Old”.  I’m pretty sure we are still the same two goofballs laughing over Brady Bunch and Peter’s “Pork shops and applesawce...”.  Neither of us can make or eat that dish without saying it just like Peter!  That’s swell!!

Here’s a few pics of my sis growing up!

What a little cutie!!!

She always did love animals.  Still does.  They have a revolving door of pets now!

Man.  Look how long our hair WAS!!!  Sis is on the right 🙂


Visiting me at my apartment Halloween in the 90’s….

Graduating high school!  Phew!  LOL!

All grown up!  Hot mama in her short hair, black dress.  She’s an awesome mama of 2 sweet boys.  Paralegal.  Definitely the fun aunt and the awesome sister!!

Happy birthday, Tam!  We love you!!!