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Weekends and bon-bons



Hoping all the Mamas had a fabulous Mother’s day!!!

My weekend was a curiosity of lots of downtime and productivity.  I was without a car most of the day on Saturday at home so I was able to get lots of stuff done around the house (after I grocery shopped nice and early) and had a ridiculous amount of time to read and chill and THEN go to our supper club in the evening.  Nice.  But weird.  It’s hard to slow down, isn’t it???  I mean we are used to going all out, all the time and then when its not…..it’s hard to switch gears.

Mother’s Day was lovely.  Mass.  Sweet kids.  Helpful kids.  Free breakfast at church after Mass. Dinner was made for me by my guys AND cleaned up.   When I think about what a tough day it is for a lot of women, I know that I’ve got it good with no legitimate complaints.

On the flip side of the coin, I bought NO Mother’s Day cards this year.  My favorite Hallmark store closed and well….it’s just not the same.  So, my sister was in charge of flowers for Mom this year (she did a GREAT job!) and I hand delivered flowers to my Mother-in-law (since my Hubby had to work) and my grandmother and called my dad’s wife and my other grandmother…..which I am sure they appreciated more that a card, right?

Today, it’s back to reality…..Monday morning blues…..and looking forward to a 4 day work week because I TOOK FRIDAY OFF FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!  AND SO DID MY HUBS.  AND THE KIDS ARE STILL IN SCHOOL!!!!!

Enough yelling.  Have a great day!!

Freaky Fast Friday

Did you feel that???  It was the week whizzing by…and I’m not complaining because FRIDAY!!!  But man.  Fast.

Joining in with Jen, the author and her 7 Quick Takes for Friday….and the fact it’s another day of my month-long blog fest here…so be sure to swing by and peruse the breakdown of the week!

  1. My current read is Something other than God, #SOTG, and it’s fascinating.  I’m always intrigued by conversion stories and how and why people convert.  I always learn something, find new books and excitement for my faith.  Plus I’m inwardly cheering, “Yes, read more, learn, go, go, go!!!”
  2. The weather has been fantastico here.  Pretty much been eating outside every night, enjoying the breeze and the new outside table.  Soaking it in.AIUJWApHFIfASxdqihpuScrCA3NzuaY9qs69bENd_as
  3. Still laptop-less here.  Hubs has offered to let me borrow his, but so far I’ve just been using the desktop.  It’s not terrible, but it’s not super conducive to my early morning coffee, daily readings and chill time.  I’ll live.  First world problems and all.
  4. Swimming is going…well, swimmingly.  2 weeks in a row here.  I’ve been doing about 500 yards(?) on my lunch hour twice a week.  Super awesome way to spend the hour during the sunny afternoon and a fabulous bonus to get outside.  I’ve been working on my technique, breathing and just loving it.  The only downside….I only have an hour.  Hoping to get a day in on the weekend where I’m not working the clock but, yes!!!  Loving it!10175304_284124428413604_1528616231_n
  5. We have supper club this coming weekend.  We used to do this in our old city and it was a great time.  Getting older just really makes it harder to make friends.  So many obligations and responsibilities tugging at us that there is precious little time to foster new friendships.  AND..sometimes when we have time to spend together as a couple, I just want to be a couple and catch up.  Tricky.  So, we started this supper club as a way to build new friendships and this is month 2.  Slowly adding more couples, but it was a nice night out and I am looking forward to it.  Takes time.  Takes time.
  6. Speaking of couple time…we are renewing our wedding vows next month.  Our church does it during Mass.  We have a giant church.  So, I am working on getting over my anxiety of getting up in front of a bajillion people (the number grows in my head) and not crying or busting out in my nervous giggle that I do when I’m really nervous or stressed.  (think funerals or getting in trouble….any inappropriate time…)  We’ve invited friends and family and hoping a few will show, but mainly it is for us and celebrating these 20 years, because oh my.  WOW.  Nothing I could have ever imagined and can’t wait to see what the next 20+ bring.  OH, and I’m getting a new dress for the occasion.  totally.
  7. Mother’s day is nigh…..wishing my mom an awesome day…Tammi is in charge of your gift this year, mom…LOL!!!  And my sister and all moms out there….it’s a crazy tough job and the best ever!  Where else can you lose your marbles daily and turn to mush all in the same 10 seconds?  No where.  that’s where!!kBvgSaBDdY7oezmEHuJnw0OA04QGq1v6WIlvZxZo20U

Blessings to you all and have a great weekend!!

Mother’s Day Wrap-up

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, and all moms out there.  We’re having a nice day here so far….I woke up with a headache/migraine-starter, 50% chance of rain expected for the afternoon BUUUUUUUUT……I have Excedrin on board, with coffee, Hubby is making breakfast, our youngest couldn’t wait to give me her present (which promptly made me cry) and she promised to smile this year for our picture.  Here’s hoping for the best!

Today though, I realize that it hasn’t always been such a super day for me and it isn’t such a super day for everyone else.  In fact, today can be a painful reminder for many women.  Today I’ll remember my cousins who buried their mom a few weeks ago and other friends whose moms have passed away over the years.  I’ll remember friends who are estranged from their mothers and struggle and doubt their own motherhood and parenting (which, BTW is phenomenal!!) .  I’ll remember friends who’ve never had a chance to be a mother due to infertility.   I’ll remember friends who have lost children.  I’ll remember friends who  care for special needs children.  I’ll remember friends who are single mothers.  I’ll remember friends who are struggling with prodigal children.  I’ll remember friends  who might be let down by the commercialism and in-your-face-ness of the perfect Mother’s Day.

This morning and this day I cried a few times, tears of joy and love, from a heart filled with gratitude toward my husband who is setting a beautiful example for our children through our marriage and his parenting, for children who test me, teach me, love me, forgive me, make me laugh and make each day better just by being part of our family.


Blast from the past!

Blast from the past!

Me, my Mom and my sister

Me, my Mom and my sister

Last year.  Just keepin' it real.  Truly a favorite picture!!

Last year. Just keepin’ it real. Truly a favorite picture!!

Mom's photo after Mass, my awesome necklace, cake and card.

Mom’s photo after Mass, my awesome necklace, cake and card.

And so the kid photo is a little blurry…Hubby is no fan of the iPhone camera and gave me full permission (demanded) I get my real camera fixed….beautiful necklace of which you can design your own HERE, the Publix cake and sweet girl’s card/letter to me.  And just think, my birthday is only 4 days away and we can do this AGAIN!!!!

Just keepin’ it real, y’all

Thought the photo may suggest otherwise, I did have a lovely Mother’s day.  Though I did NOT get the “Mom and kiddos” pic I envisioned, this one DOES make me laugh.  In reality, this IS what Motherhood is all about (for me, anyway…if yours is all pristine and serene you are missing out on fodder for “remember when” stories later on!).


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