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Shutdown or temper tantrum?

I am not the most politically astute person.  I know just enough to be dangerous (thank you, NPR!), however, I am angry about the Government shutdown.

Here’s how I see it and please, feel free to (NICELY) correct me and/or add in any extra thoughts on the matter in the combox.

I understand the GOP (among MANY others) are peeved about Obamacare and are digging in their heels until they can come to a solution and believe me, I am NO fan of the current Obamacare plan….it’s not well-defined or understood and needs tweeking…lots of tweeking, but people, our healthcare system is a flippin’ mess.  However…….did THEY not already vote on this?  And now…..NOW…..NOW…..what?  They are changing their minds?  Want a do-over?  Give me a break.  You voted.  It passed.  Let’s move the EFF on.  All this government shutdown and people not getting paid is likened to a two-year old lying in the middle of Wal-Mart kicking and screaming for the toy.  Enough already, you made the mess now fix it.  You are elected officials, and grown ups, how about start acting like it.

One more thing to chew on:  Who’s keeping their checks and who’s donating them HERE.  Something I will absolutely keep in mind come time to vote.  House Rep. Ellmers made this comment, “”I need my paycheck. That’s the bottom line,” Ellmers told North Carolina station WTVD in a phone interview. “I understand that maybe there are members who are deferring their paychecks and that’s admirable,” Ellmers continued. “I’m not in that position.”  This kind of thinking infuriates me; the people who are furloughed due to the shutdown don’t have that option.  Yes, you are working and paid well throughout the year and for life, for that matter; suck it up sans  paycheck….I think they’d come to a compromise a lot quicker if they did.

That’s my two cents.  Now, enough of my political ranting, it’s time for my REAL job:  Mama!!   I am off to tag-team-taxi the kiddos with the Hubster for the day and get ready to see my Mama and my sister tonight!!!  Woop, woop!!

Quick Takes…quickly….

I’ve been MIA for the last few Fridays with various activities and blah, blah, blah, but I’m here for this one….super quick…I hope….otherwise go visit Jen @ Conversion Diary for a look at a Domestic Monastery and various Quick Takes from all over the world!

1)  Heading into Advent and the holiday pace is picking up quickly….small moments of panic and overload, making “quiet time” even more important=less blogging. for me.

2)  With the Christmas season of shopping, parties, baking, etc. I decided that I need to work in exercise DAILY and really focus on what I’m eating so I can keep it in check and not head into 2013 one size larger…however, this weekend IS baking for my annual cookie swap.  Hey, balance, balance, balance!

3)  My cardio=P90X and walking, however…..before you think I’m psycho cray  with P90…let me assure you, I call it my “20 minutes with Tony”..I work up a good glisten, I’m sore for  a few days and I haven’t stressed myself over how to fit it in…maybe I’ll graduate past 20 minutes eventually; at this time, 20 minutes is working for me and I’m good with that!

4)  Oatmeal, raisins and flax seed for breakfast and chicken and spinach for lunch…a little boring and repetitious, however, tasty and both seem to keep me pretty full and satisfied keeping the Oreo intake WAAAAAAY down.

5)  Sick kid (again??!! thought she kicked this 2 weeks ago!!) and Hubby’s back is out—tho’ slowly getting better, therefore  the boys will be on Attic duty and ladder duty for operation Christmas decoration this weekend, bring on the lights!!

6)  Christmas cards are mailed out which means I can mentally begin shopping and decorating and enjoying Christmas…I don’t know, OCD?!?!  I just can’t do anything until they are sent out.  Period.  End.

7)  Santa’s in the house….our youngest just handed me her letter to review and it melted my heart.  We can safely resume Friefel…our elf on the shelf.

I’m out.  It’s late.  I’ve got a date with Tony before work….y’all have a great weekend!!

Election hangover

“We” as a general population and electoral college have re-elected President Obama as our nation’s leader.  I couldn’t stay up for the results;  reading the twitter feeds and following along with the votes as they were being tallied was giving me major anxiety, so I went to bed.  This morning I awoke to the news.  News I can do nothing about.  News I am not happy about.  News I will live with and respect because, as a democracy, this is our country’s desire.

The President’s re-election wasn’t the only disappointing (to me and 48% of the country) result, but also some amendments to the constitution and a local referendum, HOWEVER……the people have voted and like it or not, today is Wednesday and life goes on.  I voted my conscience and my faith;  my prayer and hope for our country is that in regards to the  adage, “It’s going to get worse before it gets better” —is that we will have already hit the “worse” and perhaps we are  at a turnaround in our economy.  The “Change” hasn’t been for the better yet, but perhaps these next 4 years will turn it around….we can only hit our knees and pray and remember that God IS in control and Jesus is still King!

Galations 6:9  Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.

Now.  It’s time for a second cup of coffee!

God Bless America!

Quick Takes Friday

Friday, Friday, my favorite day of the week.  (Well, not until after 5:30pm, but it’s my favorite day of the week,nonetheless!) and so Friday means wrapping up the week with Jennifer Fulwiler @ Conversion Diary and her gang o’ bloggers….check ’em out!!

1)  It’s been a crazy week at work, so crazy I haven’t been able to take care of ANY of my personal business during the day.  That is SO wrong!!!  This whole work thing really doesn’t work for me.  I mean, it gets the PB&J on the table and supports our other dietary needs and stuff, but it really, REALLY puts a damper on my personal productivity level.  I need a secretary.  A free one, of course.

2)  In home budget cuts, we’ve decided the girls have reached the level of maturity to handle after school at home.  This is a HUGOLA savings money-wise, however, it’s a good thing for them as well.  I pick them up on my lunch break and bring them home and so far, they’ve fallen into their brother’s habits of doing homework right away with a snack, then chillin’ out until one of us gets home.  Their brothers are home with them, but it has taken a huge stressor off of me to have to constantly stress over my last patient and getting to pick up on time if Hubby is working out-of-town that day.  The other great thing, is on the days that they have practice, they are fully ready to go as soon as I get them….they’ve had their down time, their homework time, their snack time and the whining/tired/complaining pre-practice has essentially disappeared this week.  That.  Is a huge bonus!!!

3)  Rain, rain, rain.  We’ve had it essentially every afternoon.  I’ve managed to adjust my workout schedule somehow and holy, cannoli!!  It’s Friday and I am still sore!!!  A wonder of wonders how the body responds when you mix it up!

4)  The debate.  I didn’t watch.  There.  Irresponsible?  I think not.  I am so completely frustrated with our choices.  Really.  I know who I’ll vote for, because there is one person my conscience simply will NOT allow me to vote for, however, it doesn’t mean I’m happy about my selection.  I am possibly considering choice #3….throwing my vote away?  Meh.  Maybe.  There is just so much trash slinging in the ads and blah, blah, blah generalized empty promises it is draining and frustrating.

5)  For the last few QTs, I’m doing some links….one is to Jen’s Conversion Diary…see #1…super news!!  I just love other people’s baby news, stories, pictures.  It’s awesome.

6)  Next up is to Camp Patton and her post o’ woe on the arsenic hours of 5-bedtime.  Oy.  I laughed, but so definitely remember those days and when you are in the thick of it….so NOT funny or entertaining and yet, Grace makes it sound fun.  ish.  I just remember being exhausted.  And grumpy.  And counting the minutes to bedtime.  And now…….I can’t even look my oldest in the eye without craning my neck 6 inches up.  <sigh>

7)  That’s all folks.  I’ve got to wrangle these kiddos up and at ’em and get ready for the day.  Have a great weekend.  I’ll be on the road 2 6a.m. tomorrow morning to drive and hour and half to a football game. Try not to be too jelly, K?




We all get them.  Those pesky little speed bumps along the way.  When life is just a plugging along and all is hunky-dorey and BUMP….not so much.  Like a car, we adjust our speed, take a little more care navigating and then move on along until the next one.  And there WILL be a next one.  It’s just life.  Therefore, there is the matter of how you react to each little (or big) speed bump.  You can let it completely derail your day/week/month/year or you can accept that such is life and do what you can to live your life IN SPITE of the speed bump nuisance.  I suppose personality has a lot to do with how we deal with problems, as well as faith, support systems and how we were taught to deal with life’s “unfairness” or inevitable changes.

This week we have been dealing with a “stomach ache” x several days with our youngest.  I HATE stomach aches.  When there are no other symptoms, I generally view it as a cry for attention.  Compassionate, aren’t I?  However…….when it continues for days, accompanied by sloth behavior and limited appetite?  Now you have my attention.  So off to the doctor’s we go and leave with a prescription in hand for Strep throat.  Again.  Now I just feel guilty.  Blah.  Stewing in it isn’t productive so I own my guilt for  a bit, realize I didn’t overreact (because seriously, if I went to the office for EVERY symptom, #1 I’d be broke (more than usual) and #2 I’d be Facebook friends with the entire office!).  Anyway, I went with my gut, it paid off, hugs and drugs administered….moving on.

We also had an issue come up with a dear friend who is really dealing with some challenging life choices and a denial of sorts as well as with poor coping skills.  It’s truly turning into a snowball of complications and it’s difficult to watch it happen.  Hubby was able to begin a dialogue with him, as his friend, and hopefully it’s the beginning of SOMETHING.  Sadly, we can only make our own decisions.  Sometimes we have to be the friend who steps in and speaks the hard truth out of love.  And that’s a tricky situation, stepping way out of the comfort zone.  At the end of the day though, we have to live with the choices WE make and if we’ve done the best we could, sometimes that has to be enough.

Here’s to navigating life’s speed bumps one at a time, fully focused and wisely adjusting our speed for each one!

He who fights even the smallest distractions faithfully when he says even the very smallest prayer, will also be faithful in great things.

— St. Louis de Montfort