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2012 Photo Review, linky loo

Dwija over at House Unseen is hosting a year-end photo wrap up, aaaaaand being a sucker for link ups (as well as a penchant for family photos…..) I figured I’d join in.  My friend Lea does this every year as a slideshow and music, it’s always beautiful and FAR beyond my patience level to put together, but maybe ONE day…after all, this IS the year I learn to KNOW my camera and work Elements!!

It was tough to pick just ONE photo for each month so I did a couple of montages for a few months.  THIS should keep me PLENTY busy throughout the remainder of the week with my blog hopping!  Head on over and check ’em out and/or join the linkup; it’s going on all month-long.  Happy New Year and may 2013 bring YOU plenty of photo ops and joy throughout the year!













WIWS Vol.7…and some thriftin’..

You can blame it all on Emily and Kendra @ Fine Linen and Purple.  Sunday has become the Mass Fashion show….raising the bar on how we present ourselves in Jesus’ house, how we prepare ourselves mind, body and spirit for Mass and snapping some photos along the way.

Warning, soap box moment:  Once upon a time dressing for Mass was dressing in one’s Sunday best and there wasn’t even a second thought or argument about it; these days its anything goes (and in our warmer climate…believe me…ANYthing goes).  On the one hand, we should just be grateful people are PRESENT for Mass and disregard their dress (maybe pray that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes to their cleavage bearing/thong showing/ripped jeans/flip-flop selves); however, there is the just-coming-from-work-and-straight-to-Mass-dress and there’s just-popping-by-Mass-before-I-hit-the-beach-club-BBQ-dress. Big difference.  This is where this lovely little link-up comes in….a way to remind us to take the time in all areas to properly prepare and present ourselves for Mass, time spent with Our Lord, one measly Hour completely His and to give Him the respect He is due.  Ideas borrowed from other women and men and encouragement in taking a little extra time with our appearance.  Stepping off the soapbox now….

Submitting my little collage…trying out a new app…of the girls and I ready for Mass.


skitched-46-1Deets:  Collage, meh…not loving it so much so I gave you the bonus head-to-toe shot so you can get a little better look at that animal printy shirt…Rarrr…

Shirt: Kohl’s, few years ago, Pants, Christmas gift years ago, Shoes: Kohl’s

Necklace and earrings: gift from my girls a while ‘go

Ring: Lia Sophia fave

Mini-mes:  Sporting yesterday’s thrifty finds, dresses AND shoes…and a sweet little Christmas necklace on the Diva daughter.

Blessings, y’all…We are off to do nada…or maybe hit the movies…

Friday…and all mixed up!

With Christmas and New Year’s falling on Tuesdays it is really wrenching my brain on what day it is….Off 2 days, work one, off one, work 3, off 2, repeat…what?!?!  It will take me until mid or end of January to get straight.  Sheesh.  Thank goodness I have the day/date feature on my watch to keep me straight…Gotta love the 20+year old Seiko, baby!

However…let’s cut to the chase.  It’s Friday.  Joining in with Jen and the humongous throng o’ bloggers doing the end of the week “7 Quick Takes” so jump on over and check ’em out…it’s always fun and interesting and good for hours of screen time…no joke!!  Without further adieu…here I go:

  1. Christmas was GOOD.  You can refer to this post for the deets, but overall, somehow the chaos felt “manageable” this year, less rushed, time to enjoy each other.  A win for us.
  2. My mom is home from the hospital post surgery for her Christmas Eve fracture (see #1 insert for the dirty…), so now she just needs to manage the walker, the snow, the dogs, getting around, getting ready to host her daughter and 2 grand-daughters in a few weeks and potentially re-plan her trip back to the Sunshine State or learn to drive in a boot….tricky.  Time will tell.  Drink lots of milk, Mom!!!
  3. Colds stink.  Hubby has one.  (far worse than mine…go figure).  Hopefully, the kids are immune since they’ve all had their opportunities at being sick this past month.  So cough, sniffle, blow, repeat….Chicken soup is on the menu.
  4. In TV news January 6 is a BIG, BIG day….(and I’m really just NOT a big viewer of the tube, but…..) I have a couple of favorites and the best is that JANUARY 6, 2013 DOWNTON ABBEY RETURNS……I’m so excited.  So is Hubby.  (maybe not all CAPS excited, but excited)  In anticipation, we’ve been rewatching some of Season 1.
  5. Once Upon a Time ALSO returns January 6!!!  What???  Our girls think Hulu is playing tricks on them and holding back…they are going to flip out when they find out they have ANOTHER week to wait!
  6. Biggest Loser returns WITH Jillian (sailor mouth) Michaels on January 6!!  ACK!!!  The girls and I love this—Hubby and the boys can’t take all the tears and boo hooing….personally, it coincides with my annual giving up of food and another effort at losing the baby weight (the baby is now 9—you do the math).  Exciting!
  7. And that’s all I got folks….my stuffy head is ready for bed and hope this winter cold nonsense hits the flippin’ road.  And I mean soon!

Blessings and don’t forget to visit Jen et al.

Sunday, Funday, Fashion..

December 23 and you know what that means:  It’s Christmas Adam.  Yep.  My sweet Baptist friend, Lea refers to today as “Christmas Adam”, because Adam came before Eve and because she’s married to Adam.  chuckle, chuckle, snort.  She’s silly that Lea, you can read more from her HERE

Really, though….It’s What I wore Sunday over @ Fine Linen and Purple with Emily and Kendra, Vol 10 for them, Vol 6 for moi.  Without further blabber….

Attempting the "Grace Face"...fail.  But funny...

Attempting the “Grace Face“…fail. But funny…

Head to toe, looksie..

Head to toe, looksie..


A whole DOLLAR I tell you!!!

The things you find in your pockets of your beloved long sweater from last year!!



favorite ring, EVER…aside from the wedding set, of course…..Matchy necklace and earbobs and most versatile bracelet!


10 & 2….nice hand placement, Son. Hubby’s so calm, meanwhile I am praying fervently….in my head.

Big boy driving the WHOLE FAM DAMILY TO MASS!!  I sat in the waaay back.  Daddy rode shotgun.  He did well.  I zipped my lips.  Still not so used to this….


Attempting the duck face and peace fingers. I hear they’re all the rage, yo. Real talk. Oh how I love to embarrass my chillies….

And when I got home.  Comfy clothes.  It’s coooooold here today, ladies.  That’s right.  A high of 60.  Brrrrr.  I know.  I’ll never make it in the great white North.  Nothing like squashing Hubby’s dream of moving to New Hampshire…..

***Deets on the threads:  Dress Kohl’s(seen before, however, I’m too lazy to link, feel free to browse the archives), boots, Kohl’s; Sweater, yes…Kohl’s.  Jewelry:  Lia Sophia, also seen before.  Post Mass look, Old Navy bootie/slipper things, sweats, Target, Sweater, Kohl’s…..alllllll are many moons old thus not to be concerned with the whole “who wore it best” issue.

Now go on with your 4th Sunday of Advent and Merry, Merry Christmas!!

WIWS Vol. 5…or peeping at other peeps Church garb..

Here is Sunday again.  We are well this week, Hallelujah!!  Heading into the SECOND week of Advent…WHAT?!?!?!?  Linking up to Fine Linen and Purple with Kendra and all the other pretties and taking some fashion notes 😉

Apparently a LS day....sweet and simple ring

Apparently a LS day….sweet and simple ring

Shoes for years...Naturalizer.  I think.  Cozy.

Shoes for years…Naturalizer. I think. Cozy.



Full view..thanks dear son..should have picked a spot other than their room..

Full view..thanks dear son..should have picked a spot other than their room..

That little montage is all kinds of out-of-order, but I’m beat and it will have to do.  Here’s the deets:

Necklace…a repeat, also featured HERE….earrings not posted but everyday silver hoops and if you REALLY, really, really want to see a picture, you can click HERE….the bracelet and ring are also Lia Sophia…what can I say?  I am a sucker for parties where I can earn lots of great jewelry!

The pants are Apt.9 @ Kohls’s, and featured on my volume 1 of this little meme HERE, however, the shirt, THE SHIRT, ladies is from my STELLAR day at the thrift store where my grand total of $1.50 netted me this Liz Claiborne shirt and a BCBG wrap dress.  The shirt was a BUCK!  I’ll save the dress pic for another day, but I DID wear it to the Nutcracker with my girls yesterday.

I’m also joining in with BethAnne for the #AdventPhotoADay picture contest, fun chronicling advent on Instagram and Twitter and blogs everywhere 😉

Peace out, peeps!!  Happy fashion show!!