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WIWS Vol.7…and some thriftin’..

You can blame it all on Emily and Kendra @ Fine Linen and Purple.  Sunday has become the Mass Fashion show….raising the bar on how we present ourselves in Jesus’ house, how we prepare ourselves mind, body and spirit for Mass and snapping some photos along the way.

Warning, soap box moment:  Once upon a time dressing for Mass was dressing in one’s Sunday best and there wasn’t even a second thought or argument about it; these days its anything goes (and in our warmer climate…believe me…ANYthing goes).  On the one hand, we should just be grateful people are PRESENT for Mass and disregard their dress (maybe pray that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes to their cleavage bearing/thong showing/ripped jeans/flip-flop selves); however, there is the just-coming-from-work-and-straight-to-Mass-dress and there’s just-popping-by-Mass-before-I-hit-the-beach-club-BBQ-dress. Big difference.  This is where this lovely little link-up comes in….a way to remind us to take the time in all areas to properly prepare and present ourselves for Mass, time spent with Our Lord, one measly Hour completely His and to give Him the respect He is due.  Ideas borrowed from other women and men and encouragement in taking a little extra time with our appearance.  Stepping off the soapbox now….

Submitting my little collage…trying out a new app…of the girls and I ready for Mass.


skitched-46-1Deets:  Collage, meh…not loving it so much so I gave you the bonus head-to-toe shot so you can get a little better look at that animal printy shirt…Rarrr…

Shirt: Kohl’s, few years ago, Pants, Christmas gift years ago, Shoes: Kohl’s

Necklace and earrings: gift from my girls a while ‘go

Ring: Lia Sophia fave

Mini-mes:  Sporting yesterday’s thrifty finds, dresses AND shoes…and a sweet little Christmas necklace on the Diva daughter.

Blessings, y’all…We are off to do nada…or maybe hit the movies…

Merry Christmas and all that comes with it!!

Santa and Mrs. Claus making a pre-run/last warning call on behavior...

Santa and Mrs. Claus making a pre-run/last warning call on behavior…

Wishing you a Merry and wonderful Christmas.  Winter white (Mid-ish West and Northeast) or rainy and dodging tornadoes (Southeast) or just lovely and balmy (our neck o’ the woods), may your day be lovely.

My Christmas present to you:

In your downtown and sugar induced coma I have some GREAT links to keep you busy and up your screen time….aaaaaaaafter you have sufficiently spent Quality time with the fam,K?  K.

First, you can check out all the Christmas decorations with Katie @ NFP and me.  I love checking out other people’s homes and decorations, super fun and done in my jammies.

Best PG view....with a "white" top it's just not really "general public" kind of viewing...ya know?

Best PG view….with a “white” top it’s just not really “general public” kind of viewing…ya know?

Second, you can check out all the Christmas fashion you can stand and then some with the lovely and very preggo (and ridiculously tiny) Grace @ Camp Patton, also done in the PJs if you’d like….

My 'fit....super similar to Sunday

My ‘fit….super similar to Sunday, ‘scuse the look…this was 1a.m….Mama’s done.

Except for the super awesome necklace my sis gave me last year....jelly??

Except for the super awesome necklace my sis gave me last year….jelly??

Orrrrrr, you can read MY recap…because it’s my blog, right?  😉

Christmas Eve:  Work until 3.  Quick “last minute stocking socks” and caffeine stop.  6 o’clock Mass with the family.

Making our way...like herding cats.

Making our way…like herding cats.

Then off to the brother’s casa to feed the grumbly in the tumbly….

Papa and the clown-boy

Papa and the clown-boy

Papa and almost as tall as him boy....

Papa and almost as tall as him boy….

Popop and his girls

Popop and his girls

Pensive and handsome in his new jacket...

Pensive and handsome in his new jacket…


Dinner @ brother’s with extended family.  Or is it dessert with a side of dinner?

My sugar jumps just looking at them again....is there such a thing as too much chocolate?  A question to ponder...

My sugar jumps just looking at them again….is there such a thing as too much chocolate? A question to ponder…

Back home to get kids set up for their annual “campout in brother’s room” and a movie and Christmas Eve present (new pillows and 3 new Christmas movies….I was told they had enough PJs….the usual gift!) and then back for Midnight Mass with our French horn player.

Midnight Mass roundup

Midnight Mass roundup

Stockings filled, Presents out. Bed @ 2 a.m.

Pretty....for a few short hours

Pretty….for a few short hours

Girl loves this "hamster vest"...

Girl loves this “hamster vest”…


Christmas Day:  Up at 6:30 a.m. with LOTS of coffee and present time and cinnamon buns, visit from the grands and walk around the ‘hood.  Now it’s chill time and then on to the In-laws for lunch.  I am officially breaking up with food (again) after today and if the weather keeps up I’m thinking a bonus walk around the ‘hood. Or some more Dance4….because I just whooped my girl at Rock Lobster…Please….years o’ practice…Mama don’t play.   Or a nap.  BCuz I am LOVE, LOVE, LOVING these cozy jams…

Can you feel the cozy awesomeNESS?!?!  Huh, can ya, can ya???

Can you feel the cozy awesomeNESS?!?! Huh, can ya, can ya???


Blessings abundant to you all!!  And be careful and don’t break your leg…like my Mom did last night.  Surgery today or tomorrow…keep those prayers comin’ ya’ll!!

WIWS Vol. 5…or peeping at other peeps Church garb..

Here is Sunday again.  We are well this week, Hallelujah!!  Heading into the SECOND week of Advent…WHAT?!?!?!?  Linking up to Fine Linen and Purple with Kendra and all the other pretties and taking some fashion notes 😉

Apparently a LS day....sweet and simple ring

Apparently a LS day….sweet and simple ring

Shoes for years...Naturalizer.  I think.  Cozy.

Shoes for years…Naturalizer. I think. Cozy.



Full view..thanks dear son..should have picked a spot other than their room..

Full view..thanks dear son..should have picked a spot other than their room..

That little montage is all kinds of out-of-order, but I’m beat and it will have to do.  Here’s the deets:

Necklace…a repeat, also featured HERE….earrings not posted but everyday silver hoops and if you REALLY, really, really want to see a picture, you can click HERE….the bracelet and ring are also Lia Sophia…what can I say?  I am a sucker for parties where I can earn lots of great jewelry!

The pants are Apt.9 @ Kohls’s, and featured on my volume 1 of this little meme HERE, however, the shirt, THE SHIRT, ladies is from my STELLAR day at the thrift store where my grand total of $1.50 netted me this Liz Claiborne shirt and a BCBG wrap dress.  The shirt was a BUCK!  I’ll save the dress pic for another day, but I DID wear it to the Nutcracker with my girls yesterday.

I’m also joining in with BethAnne for the #AdventPhotoADay picture contest, fun chronicling advent on Instagram and Twitter and blogs everywhere 😉

Peace out, peeps!!  Happy fashion show!!

What I wore Sunday (but not to Mass)…



A nursemaid’s outfit.  Consisting of sneakers, running shorts (also good for walking) and a Tshirt…no makeup, no jewelry…bare bones, baby.

This Sunday, the FIRST day of Advent, we missed Mass.  URHG!!!  We decided to quarantine ourselves and for that I am certain we earned a few brownie points for not subjecting the entire congregation to 1) probable flu with DS#2 and 2) bronchitis with DD#1.  Good times, I tell you….good times.  Don’t hate.  It’s Advent.

And so, after spending $70 at the Pediatric After Hours clinic, I then dropped a Benjamin @ Publix on a Zpack and high quality prescription strength cough syrup/gold. Hoping to be reimbursed for crying out loud.  crying.  crying.  crying.

At this point we decided Mass was most definitely NOT happening and we would rally the healthy-ish people and commence with the Christmas decorating….post to follow once I get the pics up..

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it and you should join me in heading on over to Fine Linen and Purple and check out some REAL fashion!  Blessings!!

Saints, Ramblings and the F-word

30 whole minutes!  Alone.  In my house.  Unheard of (unless I come home for lunch).  We split up for Masses today due to lawns/training/Faith Formation, etc, etc, etc and somehow I am alone.  AHHH.  You don’t even know.  or maybe you do.  It’s bliss.

I’ll take advantage of it and blog in peace.  My mind has been running all morning.  It’s going to be a patchwork quilt of my stream of consciousness…enjoy….

My friend sent me a link (to a blog I follow–hee hee, BUT hadn’t read yet) last week or so and the piece was on the F-word and the how our use of the English language has truly lowered the bar in regards to vulgarity.  It is a GREAT post and you can click below on the link and I will tell you I have been re-thinking before I speak more frequently lately as well as being glad that my blog hasn’t gone that road…even though it might get more hits if it did, but in the end, it’s just not me.  most of the time.  though sometimes….I’m sad to say, it is…the link to Tom’s post is here:  “Defusing the F-bomb” with Neal Obstat Theological Pining

I’ve also given a lot of thought to the amazing lessons we learn from the Saints and figured I’d join in with “Saints Sunday” with The Kennedy Adventures today.  Especially as during Mass I had to referee a disagreement between 2 girls for the first 1/4 of Mass…always a joy…you’d think with only 2 kids at Mass it would have been a breeze.  I should  have taken the other 2.  However, as I was praying “Dear, Jesus, Mary AND Joseph protect my children from the demon threatening to break free from my neck at any minute to silence these girls…help me to be graceful and love them even though they are getting on my last.  ever-loving.  nerve. right now.  Amen”  Right then I had a flash of Saint Monica and was shown how motherhood is a marathon.  Now, Lord Help these kids if it takes me 30 years, but…I was filled with a sense of peace and a guiding of “Continue on.  You’re on the right path.”, neck muscles relaxed, girls relaxed and the rest of Mass was good.  Talk about your instant gratification/affirmation.  Yes, please and thank you!!

The temptations of the saints were seen as opportunities for self­discovery. They allowed temptations to show them the breaches in the fortress of their souls, which needed to be fortified until they would become the strongest points. This explains the curious fact about many saintly people-that they often become the opposite of what they once seemed to be.      (Lift Up Y our Heart)  Venerable Fulton John Sheen 

Confirmation.  Our 9th grader is making his this year.  Parent meeting today and his first of 6 classes tonight with a dinner.  Praying for the right sponsor for him, he needs the right  person to talk to and spark that mustard seed.

Busy Saturday.  Football in the morning.  Hubby took our girl while I took the other girl grocery shopping and tackled the house.  Then, after lunch I took both girls to our oldest girl’s first soccer game while Hubby stayed with the boys and tackled the tree stump in the back yard so we can plant a new tree.  The weather was good, the drive was quick (for 1.5 hour to AND from the game–that says aLOT!), and best of all, we made it home in time for dinner on the table!  SCORE!!!

Chill Sunday.  It appears we are getting Isaac reincarnated today.  Not quite the storm he was his first pass before he let loose on the Gulf coast, Louisiana and Mississippi, but it’s a blustery and rainy day.  The library is in store for SURE!!!

And one last note on a Saint-to-be…today Bishop Fulton J. Sheen is decreed as “Venerable” by the Vatican and a celebration of his life and vocation is taking place in Peoria at Celebrate Sheena Mass of Thanksgiving for an amazing man and true blessing to the Church.

Game 1. A loss, but a GREAT game with lots of potential to the season!!