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5 Favorites of ADORATION

Joining in with Hallie and the lovely ladies all sharing their 5 faves this week…for a smile on your face, for some “GO GOD” in your heart, you really neeeeeed to visit and start with Hallie, K?  K.

5 Favorites @ Moxie Wife

5 Favorites @ Moxie Wife

This week I was able to head over to Adoration during lunch and as always it’s truly my favorite lunch spot.  Ever.  Really.  Here’s why.

5.  Like most of y’all, I live a pretty busy life.  Husband.  4 kiddos.  Full time out of the house job.  Ever searching for the always elusive “perfect” balance between family and work.  Adoration IS as close to “perfect” as my life gets.  The profound sense of peace, joy and love when I walk through the door instantly soothes my heart and mind of whatever is jumbling it up at that moment.  Perfection.

4.   I may not ALWAYS  get immediate answers, direction and resolution of any given life challenge, however, I’ve received clarity, wisdom and peace over the years in answer to prayers during Adoration with much fruit in return.  Just ask my friend; one day I called her after Adoration and told her I felt their family was to home school.  She laughed. (nervously I think, since this was an announcement straight out of the blue).  They start their 3rd (?) year homeschooling this year.  Adoration don’t lie.

3.  I like to pray for people.  God hasn’t seen fit to fill our bank accounts to overflowingness (one can still hope though….) and I can’t always help people materialistically, however, I.  CAN.  PRAY.  Countless friends and family over the years have been the recipients of my prayers, some known, some unknown (but God ALWAYS knows), I’ve even prayed much for this sweet lady and her unborn baby.  You can’t underestimate the power of prayer.  Ever.  You might be too tired, angry, hopeless to pray, but I’ll pray for you.  I know I’ve been the recipient of a jillion and ten prayers and if my own give back even a tenth of intercessory love…I’m in.  Anytime.  Just say the word.

2.  This world is a wild and rocking and crazy constantly go-go-go world.  Sometimes I just need to be still.  I have my morning quiet time with the Daily Readings and that is phenomenal.  Coffee.  Word.  Start the day.  But sometimes….I just need to be still, quiet and listen and thank God for everything I don’t always remember to thank Him for.  Sometimes I just need to be still.  To listen if He wants to talk to me.  and one time ……..

1.  ONE TIME…….I’m telling you…….the monstrance and altar moved.  Throughout my time at Adoration.  I thought I was tired and cleared my eyes, but it kept happening.  Finally I just watched.  It was weird.  It was goosebump-giving.  It was mind blowing and heart filling.  Afterward I texted two friends who also attend Adoration and asked them a vague “have you ever had weird things happen at Adoration?” .  In the end, I’m not sure WHAT it meant, but perhaps He just wanted to say, “Hey, thanks for coming….check this out….I love you….I’m with you….come on back again, my love!”  And so I do.

Now head on over to Hallie’s for more fun things!!


Beautiful Mass. Beautiful Church.

With my extra time home this week, I was able to attend Daily Mass one day, a rare to never treat for me on a WEEKDAY!  I was running a little late to make our regular church Mass so I opted for the 30 minute later Mass at the church we attended when we first moved here.  It’s now a Basilica and is a lovely, old church with high ceilings, lovely stained glass, statues of various Saints, Blesseds, Christ, Mary and more.  The church commands reverence when you enter and the acoustics lend to a deep resounding message.  It was a blessing to start my day there the other day; I hope you enjoy the pictures and my effort to fluff up my iPhone camera with some editing.


From the side street view. The upper cupola was destroyed during the 2004 hurricanes and replaced a few years and dollars later.


Baptismal font. Not built into the floor like the one in N. Florida that my friend’s sweet son fell in after Mass one beach vacation. True story.


Pews from the back, but LOOK at those columns and archways. Be still my heart, I could spend HOURS in here!!!


The main aisle to the altar.


One of the side alcoves and scenes: The Dream, The Exodus.


The Holy Family statue and prayer candles, flanked by stunning stained glass.


Jesus statue, prayer candles and more amazing stained glass.


Another side alcove with the Ascension of Mary


The Altar.

Theme Thursday: Dad

What is the meaning of this, Tracy?  Two posts in one day?  What in the sam heck is going on with you?!??!  Clearly this time off with a rehabbing child who is limited in energy and prohibited from sun has us INDOORS and running short and brief errands which in turn leaves me plenty of “bon-bon time” as my Hubby calls it.  Shoot, I’ve got blogs in stand-by, you’ll be sick of me by next week.  Or hooked.  Either way.  When I actually blog, my stats go UP.  Who knew??

So today…..I join in with Cari and fellow Themers at:

Father’s day is coming.  I’ve got a super cutie thingamajig planned for the Hubs by the kids (totally His love language, but I can’t tell you about it b/c he actually reads my blog from time to time…so tell you later!).  And so perfect timing on the Father Theme.

Dads are crucial.  Period.  End.

Case in point:  When my Hubs was “away” I knew, KNEW, KNEW….his relationship with our kids and vice versa was the key to our future as a family.  We did everything we could to cultivate those relationships during this time apart, from frequent visits, phone calls, letters, date-visits, photos, etc, etc.  There came a time close to him coming home during a heated exchange with our oldest at his tweeniest that he said to me “You wait until I tell Dad about this”.  It was at that point, I knew all of our joint effort as husband and wife, mother and father that it was ALL.  WORTH.  IT.   Further affirmation came when Hubs was finally home with our dark chapter behind us and re-entry into our FULL family life was essentially smooth as buttah.  Life wasn’t and ISN’T perfect, however, our struggles are pretty much in line with any other family life with mucho kiddos.  We are imperfect people.  What can I say?  We acknowledge it and move on.

The fact that Abba, Father has been the cornerstone of our family life may have had a little somethin’ somethin’ to do with it also.  Just an observation.

Happy Father’s Day, Hubby!  And to all those dads out there….keep workin’ it….it’s worth every second!!!


Birthday. Poor guy never gets a straight shot at the candles!


Father’s Day ’11


Father’s Day with Popop, MY step-dad who is the BOMB-Diggety. This is 2 years old and he is now dwarfed by the boys…


The boys off to mow lawns, a job obtained due to Dad’s teaching, patience and diligence. My wallet is forever grateful!

The house that God bought

Little Miss Grace is doing a link up on our favorite blog posts…a throwback Thursday…except it’s a Wednesday…she’s crazy like that.  I posted a throw back post earlier today on marriage, being all reminiscent with our recent anniversary and all and when Grace threw out the call I immediately remembered the following post and figured I’d share, because we ALL need some God moments in our lives and tangible moments are just that extra icing on the cake–and I DO love cake!!  Hope you enjoy…and then you can take yourself over to Grace’s place and read about other favorite and assorted blog post faves!  It’s a rainy evening here and I’m all settled in for some blog reading on my end…enjoy yours as well! 

TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2009

It is still sinking in and I am quite certain there will be a post or two to follow in regards to THE HOUSE…..here’s the quick version: 

6 weeks ago I got a nudge with several affirmations that it might be time to buy our own house.  It all seemed completely preposterous to me and far beyond my means, so I gave it up to God.  Literally and figuratively.  I have told the kids many times, we will go where God wants us to go, when He wants us to go and we will know when. 

During our marriage, generally, I have picked out homes, Hubby tagged along and agreed, as a good husband does, and then he took care of everything else, I showed up to sign at closing without a clue of all that took place prior to closing.  To do this without him here was a tremendously daunting task.  Suffocating and overwhelming.   We spoke frequently and he guided me along the way and with the help of good friends, I had outside information and quick access when I had questions. My parents offered unending support and love.

When anxiety hit, I let go and God took over.  It was smooth sailing all the way.  Ridiculously smooth.  Thanks be to God, for I am certain without Him none of this would be possible!  Now….that said, I DID wake up at 3 a.m. today in a cold sweat thinking “what the heck did I just do????” and spent the next hour in prayer to release the anxiety.  And again all the way to closing.  Those prayers sustained me throughout the 3 hour closing while the 7 of us swapped various stories to kill time while waiting on the bank to see how long they could drag it out. 

In the end….I have a multitude of keys on my key chain, 2 garage door openers, ecstatic children and a beautiful neighborhood with the promise of our next amazing chapter!


                                                                                          Home Sweet Home!!dsc_0012


                                                                                    Love this sweet center islanddsc_00081

                                                                       Fabulous back yard AND swing set to play ondsc_0009

                                                                                                      Back patio


                      This mural is in the kitchen, I just love it.  Reminds me of my favorite movie, “Under the Tuscan Sun”dsc_0013


                                                                         Jasmine around the mailbox….heavenly! 

***4 years later…update:  It’s still a great neighborhood.  We’ve had friends and family stop by, stay over, come for dinner, birthdays, holidays and just to hang out.  There have been countless maintenance/upgrades in closets, bathrooms, and various other thingamabobs inside the house and in regards to the pictures I’ve put up with this blog: we’ve repainted the house and trim, the front island got a makeover with stones replacing the wood “curbing”, the swing set hit the curb about 3 years ago, the magnolia tree next to the swing set was cut down due to disease and replaced with an elm in the front yard, the back porch received a super cute makeover (I really need to Pinterest it at some point….), I still love the mural in the kitchen and the jasmine faithfully blooms every spring.  God has been gracious and generous and continues to guide us and protect us every step of the way and this house that we call home….is a daily reminder of the fact that God IS good.  

Could YOU befriend Paul?

My sweet friend sent me a small booklet to read a little bit ago and for a gagillion reasons I’ve not been able to get into it.  Until this morning.  You see, I had a wedding to go to last night in St. Augustine for two former co-workers (just seriously the sweetest couple) and this morning I awoke before my friends did and had 2 HOURS OF TOTAL QUIET.  Unheard of, people.  Unheard.  Of.  Just me and my coffee and after working on my 1000 Gifts book I dove into the booklet:  Uniformity with God’s Will by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori.    

I can see why I couldn’t get into it initially.  God wanted my full and undivided attention.  Focused.  Small bits.  It is powerful.  I’ll share with you my insight this morning…all 2 pages in.

Some back story:  in talking about Saul, who persecuted Christians for their faith.  Not only persecuted, but hunted down and killed Christians, routinely.  Until…….God got his attention with a little episode of blindness.  Enlightening Saul and converting him to Paul.  (God often likes to change your name when He drafts you to His team).

Paul asks God, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” Acts 9:6

The Lord calls him a vessel of election and apostle to the Gentiles:  “This man is to me a vessel of election, to carry my name before the Gentiles.”  Acts 9:15

So, Paul, previously Saul, is a huge player in the Bible and on Team God.  He’s a huge instrument of God in spreading the Word, instructing Christians in how to live and love according to God’s will.  And….Paul has a past.  A really bad past.  Yet, God USES him.  Mightily.  Over and over again.  Amongst the very people he previously persecuted.

Think about it.  We ALL know a modern-day Paul.  People who have failed us, who have fallen, who have a past.  Shoot, realistically we ALL have our Saul-seasons.  With God’s grace we can ALL enjoy our Paul-seasons as well.  The best thing is, God can and does use Paul.  Mightily.  Over and over again.  Among the very people they have wronged.  However, how many of us fail to see the Paul and only see the Saul?  How many of us fail to see the blessings and instructions of the Paul because we can’t move beyond the Saul?

God forgives.  God moves on.  Beyond the “Sauls”.  God uses ALL things.  May we be more like God and focused on the “Pauls” in the world,  God’s new creations and let us let go of  the “Sauls”.